August 27, 2005

I realized today that I left my house keys in the ash tray of my rental car from Enterprise. Oops. Hopefully they will be able to find them for me. There is nothing too valuable on there so it isn’t too big of a deal but it would be nice to have them back.

Dad came over and picked up Min and I to go up to Avon to get lunch at Peppermints. Normally we just eat here in Geneseo but with the college kids coming back to town this weekend, it isn’t worth the effort. Better to just get out of town.

Dad delivered our latest package of stuff and in it was Min’s new USB sound system for her laptop and my new Pocket PC. I got the HP hx2400 iPaq. It is really cool. I have really been looking forward to having a unit like this. I really feel that I need one with the way that I work. I have had some Pocket PC

This afternoon, Min decided that she really wanted to test drive the Kia after we had done some math and realized that we didn’t actually owe as much on her car as we had thought that we did. So we drove up to Henrietta and she took the car out for a drive. She was really impressed and really liked that the car felt just like her car but that it got 4 mpg better fuel efficiency which, with today’s gas prices, adds up pretty quickly. So we were up there for a while and talked about financing options. But, in the end, it was just too expensive to justify getting the Kia right now. But it could be a really good car for us in just a few months or maybe by first thing next year.

We got back home and had Art and Danielle order a pizza from Wegmans while we were driving back so that I could pick it up as soon as we were back in Geneseo. So I dopped Min off at the house and went and got the pizza.

Art and Danielle had already arrived when I returned with the pizza. They hung out at the house until almost 3:00 am. We played a couple rounds of Cranium – Min was very excited.

Today begins the seven day countdown to Andy moving out. Can you believe that he will be gone is just a week?!? Andy and I have lived together since 1998! Weird. He is moving to Clintwood Apartments in Brighton just two miles from his office downtown.

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