August 26, 2005

I went up to the city today and did some work at the UofR for Eric and then he drove me over to East Rochester so that I could drop off my rental car. Like an idiot, I left my house keys in the rental car’s ash tray. So now I have no house keys nor do I have the leather Johnstone family crest that I kept on my keychain ever since Min and I were in Nova Scotia for our honeymoon. There was nothing of any real value on there but it still sucks a bunch. I talked to Enterprise later and they hadn’t found the keys but they have a note in their system to check the ash tray of that car as soon as it is returned. Not much chance of getting them back, however.

After dropping off the car, Eric and I went down to Aja Noodle in Brighton to get some lunch. I don’t get to eat there often enough so I am always excited to get to go. I really get a craving for their Pad Thai in between trips.

After lunch we had to get up to East Rochester again to pick up my Mazda 6 that has been in the shop for two full weeks. There was some pump or something that was having a problem and needed to be replaced but they were having a problem getting a hold of the part. But it is finally done and thank goodness for warranties. Only 3,000 miles left before I am out of warranty. Ugh.

Most of the day was already blown so Eric and I decided to go down to Dorschel in Henrietta and test drive one of the new Kia Spectra 5’s that Min and I have been thinking about getting. Her car is already at 60,000 miles and she might be commuting to the city soon and she is definitely commuting to Canandaigua starting next week so a new car might be in order. I drove the Kia and was very impressed. It is practically an exact replica of the 2003 Protege 5 from Mazda. I mean everything is the same. Except that it is dramatically less expensive and comes with a longer warranty which is of great interest to me.

I got home around 5:30 and Min was out with her friend Rebecca from the Quality Inn having their nails done at the nail place next to Wegmans. So I got to work catching up on a few things while she was out. It was 7:30 before she got home and we were already supposed to be in Castile. So we went running out the door and had to first run back over to the nail place and pick up Rebecca and take her home before we could get out of town.

It was after 8:00 when we finally arrived down in Castile at the school. We were there for the Open House to show off the new High School Wing that had just been (or was just about to be) completed. We were really impressed, they totally doubled the size of the school with a seemingly simple addition. It is amazing how much more classroom space they have now. We also found out that the school has a more than 50% increase in enrollment this year which is very exciting. We ended up staying there until after 10:00 which made for a very long evening and we were hungry having skipped dinner.

After the Open House, Min and I and one of the senior girls and one recent grad went out to the Charcoal Corral to get some pizza before heading home. We had a good time hanging out and didn’t get home until around midnight.

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