August 28, 2005

After being up so late last night, Min and I slept in nice and late today with the puppy. He is so snuggly!

I had a lot of paperwork to do today so I was working on that even before Min left to go to work. She is just working the “B” shift today, 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Her schedule is all weird this week because she is starting college again on Tuesday.

Eric, Amanda, Rachel and Julia stopped by around 5:30 to pick out some movies to borrow. They were here for about an hour.

Six days and counting until Andy moves out. We are all really excited. He is excited about having his own place all to himself and we are excited because we desperately need to reclaim needed bedroom, closet, garage and basement space. He doesn’t take up very much but we need all that we can get.

Andy and I went up to Avon to go to Tom Wahl’s for some dinner right after Eric and Amanda left. We figured that it was one of the last chances that we would have to do that before he moves out. It is going to be weird not living with him after all of this time. And I am going to be gone most of the week. I am working Monday and Tuesday in Syracuse and Wednesday in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

I took a walk this evening at 10:15 and went over to the new Super Walmart to see if they had a protective covering for my PDA that I need. They didn’t. I wasn’t figuring that they would. But I needed the excercise anyway. From there I walked on to the hotel and had Min drive me home. On the way home, we decided to stop by the brand new Tim Horton’s that just opened up on Friday to see how it was. We are really excited about them too because they are also open 24 hours a day and are right down the road from us. It is about a twenty minute walk to there from here the way that I walk. We got some donuts and coffee and came home.

Min is working the overnight tomorrow so she stayed up late watching DVDs but Oreo and I went to bed around 3:00 am.

Oreo destroyed another binkie (stuffed animals that he sucks on for weeks and then suddenly kills with significant ferocity.) So I had to find him another tonight. His last one was a yellow star and this one is a green moon. We got these from the humane society’s fund raising booth at the Avon Corn Festival a few weeks back.

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