August 29, 2005

Five days until Andy moves out. Dad came and picked me up at 8:30 this morning to head over to the Omega to get some breakfast.

I spent a bit of the morning today doing SGL updates and maintenance. I have been watching the weather unfold on all morning. It is really something. Hurricane Katrina is tearing the gulf coast apart. Every fifteen minutes or so they have an update to the damage that is going on. It is really unbelievable. Luckily it appears that there isn’t going to be as much damage as they had thought was possible but there is still a lot of storm left to weather. I am sure that we won’t know the extent of the damage for weeks.

I have an extremely busy week this week. Lots of paperwork to do, three nights for Wegmans and two big projects that are taking a lot of my time. I am really looking forward to that trip to Disney in November.

Jeremy finally got a job and started yesterday, I believe. Or mayby Saturday. But anyway, he did his first eight hour shift this weekend. He is washing dishes for one of the cafeterias on the SUNY Geneseo campus just down the street from here.

I am at Wegmans #35 in Liverpool tonight. So I have to be on the road by 7:00. I appreciate these semi-local stores, though, when I have a lot going on that I need to be able to get to. And since I am going to be so close to home, Oreo doesn’t need to go to dad’s to be taking care of for very long this week. And Oreo really appreciates that. After I finish doing the store in Woodbridge on Wednesday, the project will be totally on schedule and I am still expecting to wrap up and be free on October 5th.

I did some cleaning around the house today and yesterday. With Andy leaving in a few days, we have really been taking advantage of the opportunity to get the house in order and moving forward as if we really lived here. We have decorating that we need to do like painting Andy’s old room (old like he used to live there long ago) to be more of an office looking space because it will be serving as my office for the next two years or so and painting the bathrooms to add some colour to the house since everything is mostly stark white now. Of couse, I love stark white. I am totally into the sterile office looking home but Min likes her home to be colourful and lively. So the main part of the house is remaining white but the bathrooms, our bedroom and the upstairs office are going to be changing colour soon. Min has already put a small swatch of green on our bathroom wall to see how it will look. Also, in making our house come alive, Art is going to work on building Min and I an actual platform bed for us to sleep on since Min hates sleeping on the floor. So now we will have an actual bed, thing, more or less like normal people and our room will look a LOT more normal. Hopefully, we will also be able to come up with some sort of shelving above our heads so that we can put some stuff up there like my CPAP machine which is a huge pain to deal with, a lamp and some speakers because we are going to have a computer at the foot of the bed that we will be able to watch movies on but we won’t be able to hear them without some speakers.

Oreo spent the entire morning and much of the afternoon sleeping on his pillow by my feet while I worked on the computer. He is so sweet.

Today is the first day of my Audible month and I was able to select my two books for the month. Min has been wanting something to listen to and doesn’t like the stuff that I normally get so I got “Eragon” which she has already read but not for two years and the first volume of “Eldest” which is the sequel novel that she has been waiting for since having read the first book. I haven’t had much of a chance to read much good fantasy in a long time so I am looking forward to them as well.

I spent most of the day today working on some web design work that I have had to do for a week or two. Web design is really challenging because it requires you to be really creative but also to be really technical and being both at the same time is really tough for most people and especially tough for me. And then, on top of it all, you have to then convince someone that your creative ideas were the ones that they will want to use. It is all very stressful.

I did some work on our email server today too. For the past few years, all of the spam notices in the entire network have come to me and it can get to be quite a challenge to constantly deal with them. So I decided to send them elsewhere as the system seems to be working so well at this point and to no longer deliver spam at all. What a relief that will be to everyone. And let me tell you, it will make my life a lot easier not having to see hundreds of spam notices come by every single day. I must get one a minute or so, all day long it seems like. I deal with it every single time I look at my email which is pretty often.

It is 6:50 and I need to leave for work in Liverpool so I am going to go ahead and post today’s update and actually be on time for once.

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