August 5, 2005

This afternoon, Min and I went over to the Ralston’s with Oreo to hang out for the evening. Art had some computer work for me to do and then we played some SongBurst and Trivial Pursuit. Oreo had a good time playing with Michael. He is very happy as long as he gets to travel with us. While we were there, Min discovered that Art and Danielle were selling a laptop for a friend of theirs. The laptop’s modem was dead so the person who had owned it wasn’t able to use it anymore and was selling it. Min’s birthday is coming up in two weeks so I bought her the laptop. It is the same laptop that I have except it is one model newer so it is a little faster. It is handy that we are able to swap batteries and power supplies.

Around 11:15, we swung through Leicester and picked up Jeremy so he could come over and play on the MUD. I didn’t manage to stay awake for any length of time and ended up going to sleep very early. For some reason, I was really exhausted.

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