September 17, 2005

Today is going to be an extrememly busy day so I expect that this post will be early and short. Today is Rocco Lucente’s Bar Mitzvah in Ithaca. He did the service at temple Beth-El last evening and this morning. Dominica and I were invited to the services but between our schedules, Oreo and Min’s broken toe it just didn’t seem to be feasible to be gone all day. Not for both of us anyway.

I tried to sleep in today but that didn’t work out so well. It seems that the more important that it is for me to get a full night’s sleep the less likely it is to occur. Jeremy called just after 9:00 this morning because he needed something that he had left at the house. After that I failed to fall back asleep because my stomach was bothering me. So after a while I got up because of that and before I had gone back to bed I had noticed that the hamster’s cage was open again and that Mr. Humphries had once again made a foolish break for it. He has always been extrememly good about not trying to escape but he does climb out when his cage is left wide open. His brain is only the size of a pea, you know. So anyway, I had to wake Min up and we had to round him up again. Luckily he is very good about hiding under the book case that he lives on so he is very safe and easy to find. He even keeps a stash of food under there for emergencies. I just want to point out that I have only allowed Mr. H to escape once in over two years. And in that time I have fed him well over 80% of the time, maybe significantly higher. And someone, who shall remain nameless, has fed him far fewer times and has had two succssful escapes both of which happened after I had set the example of what not to do!

Before I forget: Danielle is looking for sponsorship for Walk Far for NAAR – The National Alliance for Autism Research. She and Michael are walking in their fundraiser. Just click the link and put in “Danielle” and “Ralston” with no other information and you will get “The Quirks” which is her walking team.

So, by the time we had dealt with the hamster I was pretty wide awake and decided not to return to bed. I figured that I would feel better having gotten things done instead of having layed in bed and getting nothing done and probably not sleeping well either. Oreo came into the office to hang out with me even though Min was still in bed. He is definitely daddy’s boy. He follows me everywhere.

I spent the rest of the morning working at the computer but it was a very short morning. Oreo didn’t leave my side until I packed him up to take him to my dad’s to be watched for the day. He doesn’t get too nervous if he goes over there. He knows that dad is his puppysitter and they have a good time together. So I took him over there at 2:30. Andy arrived to pick up some of his stuff that we had found since he had moved out. There wasn’t too much stuff but there were a couple of big items – like the martini lamp that was hiding in the basement. I only got to see him for a second before I had to run out with Oreo though. I don’t know how long Min got to talk to him but it could not have been long since she had to run to Walmart to get Rocco a card before I got back from dad’s.

It was around 3:30 when we finally got out of the house and onto the road. Andy was gone by the time that I got back and Min was just a minute behind me getting back from Walmart.

The reception this evening started at 5:45 on the MV Manhattan, a dinner boat on Cayuga Lake. They used to be owned by the Bistro Q but now that the Bistro is gone I am not sure who owns the place. Neither Min nor I have ever been out on the boat so it was a neat experience. I have done Finger Lakes dinner cruises before but never on Cayuga Lake.

There was a lot of food brought around by the wait staff before dinner and an open bar. Min got to visit with Georgia and Thomas that she had worked with last summer when she was working for Lifestyles down in Ithaca. There were a lot of great people on the boat and I had a really good time meeting new people. You know how I am.

The whole reception was really nice. We were really impressed and had a really good time. Min was definitely hurting by the time we were done with her broken toe. The boat ride wrapped up around 9:30 and Min and I were on the road home shortly thereafter. We had to swing over to dad’s and pick up the puppy before going home so that added an additional half of an hour to the trip. We were home around 12:30 and went straight to bed.

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