September 2, 2005

Today is the last day of Andy living here in Geneseo with us. I am taking him up to the city tomorrow to pick up his moving truck at 8:30 so that he can start moving. This is a momentous occassion for me. I haven’t lived without a roomate since I first moved out from my parent’s house to go to Michigan in 1994. That is just over eleven years of not living on my own. Now, it is true that I am married now so I am not really living alone because Dominica lives here but still it is different. No more roomate. Of course, John Stephens, the Surfing IT Wizard, might be moving up here at some point which would mean that we have a roomate again for a while. But that isn’t looking too likely at this point. He has a pretty decent job down in Endicott that he isn’t likely to be leaving anytime soon.

I have decided that it is about time for SGL to have a face lift and maybe some serious structural change. Down the road I hope to completely reimplement the site using XML and RSS but until I get to that point I am going to be settling for a CSS redesign with a new look and hopefully no tables used for structure. I would also like, if at all possible, to finally do away with all images used on the site and go to a totally CSS and XHTML designed page. I only use the images for a tiny bit but I don’t think that they are making the site all that much more attractive and I think that I can do better without them and the pages will definitely load a bit faster without them. And it would be nice to have a new look for the beginning of a new school year since I know that there are a ton of students at York that will be ready the site diligently again.

Jeremy decided last night that he wanted to spend the night but hadn’t worked that out with his parents yet. But, since it is the last time that he will be able to come over and play the MUD before school starts most likely, I drove him down to Leicester so that he could leave a note that he was up here. On the way down we noticed that gas in Geneseo had climbed to $3.19. So that is $1.61 to $3.19 in just 48 hours. Doubled in just two days.

Also, it is now September, so it is time to celebrate SGL’s FIFTH ANNIVERSARY! That is right. Five whole years of non-stop blogging action even before there was such a thing as blogging. Whoo-hoo. Happy birthday to us. Yeah baby.

I decided that I wanted to start working with the site live last night as very few people read the site at night and I just felt like being lazy. So there is plenty of site damage going on today and I have to apologize for that. But it makes my life a lot easier to just do it this way so I guess that everyone just has to deal with it. The good news is that it is coming along, I guess. Also as a quick technical note: somehow Blogger got my site feed messed up for the SGL2 podcast but it appears to be working now just fine. I had to spend about an hour tweaking it, however, just to get it to register at all.

Art came over around noon today to go over the plans for Min and my new bed with Min. He is building us a stylish, European platform bed so that we won’t have to sleep on the floor anymore which Min can’t stand. I have been sleeping on the floor since 1997 so I really don’t mind at all. But Dominica has only been sleeping on the floor over the last few years and she doesn’t really like it. She especially doesn’t like being close to things that may or may not be crawling around on the floor. But I do admit that the floor bedis not the most attractive way to go in bedroom furnitings but I have always had a really difficult time justifying spending any type of money on a bed just to have something that looks better than I enjoy less than sleeping on the floor. I really like the floor and find it to be incredibly comfortable and simple and cheap.

Art was only intending to be over for a little while but ended up hanging out until 5:00 or so. Then he ran home and picked up Danielle and Michael and they all came back over to the house to get dinner. Art and I stayed at the house with Michael and Oreo while Min and Danielle went over to Wegmans and did some shopping and picked up some subs for dinner.

Mary and Jocelyn were supposed to come over tonight. We had been planning on seeing them all week. They called and made plans with us this evening and headed on over from Silver Springs. But they never ended up making it. We called over there several times looking for them and started getting worried after a while. Mary called at 1:10 am to let us know that they had gotten a flat tire between there and here and had just gotten back to their place after getting it fixed. So we didn’t get to see them at all tonight.

Min’s friend Rebecca or Big Bec as she apparently goes by came over at 10:00 from the hotel to hang out with us all. She, Art, Danielle and Michael all stayed until about 1:00. At that point I had to get to bed so that I could get some sleep. Andy is moving out tomorrow as you all know and I have to have him in the city at 8:00 to pick up his Budget rental truck so that we can get him moved. He is waking me up in the morning when it is time to go so I need to get to bed. Have a good night everyone and I hope that you all have a good Labor Day weekend.

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