September 3, 2005

Andy is moving out today. Min and I have the house to ourselves – for the time being.

I was pretty exhausted when Andy came in to wake me up this morning. Only about four hours of sleep. I had an email waiting for me from dad saying that the latest shipment of “toys” – demo equipment from a partner company – had arrived last night which is perfect timing because Andy needs his wireless adapter back that we have been using and there is a new one in the package of demo gear. Since he is moving out today, that works out pretty well.

It is really weird that he is moving out today, though. I know that I keep saying that but it is true. It is almost like I am moving on to another phase of my life. This is a pretty significant demarcation that my twenties are over soon. Only a few months to go and I will be in my thirties and not living with a roomate.

Those of you diligently reading the site yesterday and today should slowly notice the look and feel of the new site taking shape. I have managed to keep the site working, more or less, as I have been making changes to it which is pretty impressive, I think, considering just what all I am doing to it. Modifying a table based background on the fly to a fully CSS positioned one is a little challenging with so much site content to work with.

Andy woke me up just after 8:00 so that we could get “moving.” I need to run him to Henrietta to pick up his rental truck, stop at the bank to make a deposit and swing by dad’s to pick up the new networking gear that has arrived. I am dreading going out and seeing the price of gasoline this morning.

On the way out of town we stopped at the Mobil station near to the house and filled up on gas. When I was pumping it, it was $3.39 a gallon and by the time that I was leaving, it was $3.49 a gallon. While I was there, my old school superindent was at the pump behind me and he talked to me for a second about the incredible price of fuel. I didn’t realize who it was until he drove away and then it snapped that it was Superintendant Dalton that I haven’t seen in a dozen years.

We got the truck in Henrietta then I went over to my bank and took care of my day’s banking and then I drove down to dad’s house to pick up the latest shipment of stuff that had come in there. There is a new wireless print server that I plan to use to hook up our two printers in the living room, at least for the time being, and to hook up the Macintosh Mini in the living room since that doesn’t have a dedicated ethernet outlet anywhere and the print server doubles as a bridge. So that is really handy. Also in the shipment is our new wireless adapter that we can use for Min’s desktop in our bedroom which is perfect timing since we have been using Andy’s wireless adapter and I am sure that he is going to want that back today as he moves out.

I got home around 10:30 and Andy was just ready to load his desk into the truck. So I helped him get that onto there and that was about all of the loading to be done until this afternoon. Unfortunately, the truck smells of urine and Andy is pretty sure that a homeless guy was using it as a port-a-potty or something because the back of the truck is all stained with it. It is really gross. We got the desk loaded and then drove over to Taco Bell and got a quick lunch. While we were there I spotted my aunt and uncle coming out of the Omega which is really something because that is so far away I can’t believe that my eyesight was good enough to make out who it was. They spotted me getting into the Mazda and waved. They were heading over to the new Super Walmart.

We got home and Min had just gotten up. Andy had to get moving and get up to his new apartment to wait for Value City Furniture to deliver his new furniture sometime between 1:00 and 4:00. I hate waiting for stuff like that because you have no idea when anyone is actually going to get there and you could easily blow your entire day waiting for them. Furniture is awfully tough because quite often you have nowhere to sit while you wait since that is the stuff that you are waiting for.

I was totally exhausted this afternoon so I decided to lay down for a short nap. Oreo came in and lay down with me which was very sweet. I talked to Nate this afternoon who is working up at the Great New York State Fair. The Party at the Pond has been, more or less, cancelled this year. He is trying to figure out when some people can get together but the regular party is off. That has been going on for a really long time like almost ten years now.

Andy and Tony got down to Geneseo after taking delivery of Andy’s new furniture in Brighton around 4:30. Then the real moving began. Luckily, Andy only has a couple of large items so moving really isn’t all that big of a deal. And he is able to get all of his usage of a truck done in a single day so he doesn’t have to deal with very much truck logistics either.

I talked to Art this afternoon and he has Min and my new bed halfway done already. We didn’t think that we would be seeing the new bed for at least a week but I guess that it is a holiday weekend. Boy is this weekend the weekend of our house changing. With Andy moving out, his bedroom is being turned into my temporary (but very long term) office. That will be a huge change. For Min and I it is almost like that front room wasn’t even a part of the actual house. So that is a big time change for us. Then there is the redecorating that Min wants to do very soon. She wants to repaint at least four rooms of the upstairs. And with a new bed going into our bedroom, that is going to completely change things there as well.

Originally dad was going to come over and we were going to go to dinner with him but we ended up not being able to work that into our schedules. So Min ran over to Wegmans and picked up subs for everyone before we took the truck up to Andy’s new apartment. After subs, Andy drove Tony home in the moving truck and Min and I drove up to the apartment with Oreo who insisted on coming along. He hates to be left behind. It was probably around 6:30 when we got up to the apartment. It took Andy and I until just after 9:00 to get the truck unloaded. Then we had to drive back down to Henrietta to drop off the truck at Budget. On the way down to Henrietta we remembered that we had packed things into the car that Min and I were driving as well so we had to go back to the apartment to drop off those items. On the way back north we stopped into the Abbott’s Custard on West Henrietta Road and got some cool desserts to reward us for all of the hard work that we had been doing.

It was around 11:00 when we finally got back to Geneseo. All of us were exhausted. It has been a long and busy day. Min has to work a double at the hotel tomorrow so she was hoping to stay up late this evening but she laid down on the couch and was out in no time. Andy had been planning on doing some more packing tonight and taking another large car load up to his apartment with him but he gave up on the idea and just took a few items when he left just before midnight to go to his new home. So it is official that Min and I are now here in the house alone. Almost like a normal married couple.

Andy currently is without telephone or Internet access. He will be ordering that stuff on Tuesday, I guess, when businesses open back up. But it will probably be a week or two before he has any real form of communications in his new apartment. To see what his options were, I took my PocketPC with me up while we were moving stuff this evening and used some software to do a site survey and discovered that a bunch of his near neighbors had open wireless access points so that it was really easy to get onto the Internet in the interim either way. In fact, my PocketPC was just online without having to do anything. It was really handy. Now I need to figure out where in Geneseo that I can go for walks and not lose Internet access because that would be really handy.

It was nice and cool out this evening. It was hotter during the day but tonight it was decent. So we took the opportunity to shut down the air conditioning (hoping that we won’t have to turn it on much for the rest of the year) and opened up the windows.

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