September 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Jeremy! Jeremy is sixteen today!

I got up just after ten this morning and was prepared to get ready quickly and get to church. Min didn’t feel like getting out of bed (she works her weekly double today so getting up “early” for church makes it really difficult to make it through the entire night) and we knew that Michael was probably not feeling well today and that Danielle was walking Far for NAAR at Frontier Field this morning so we called over there to see if Art and Michael were going to go to church. Art said that Michael wasn’t really up to it so Min decided to sleep in. She didn’t get up until just after noon.

Art has been having some problems with his computer and discovered that he has a bad stick of memory. What a pain that can be. So he had to pull it out and is running on only 256MB now. Ugh. And he tried to install the demo for Age of Empires III and discovered that it requires a minimum of Windows XP. And since Art only has Windows 2000, he is out of luck.

I played the MUD a little this afternoon and Min cooked some lunch. Before I took Min to work I tried out Grandia II. I only played for about fifteen minutes but it looks like it is going to be a really good game. It has a very “Final Fantasy VII” feel to it with better everything and not as weird.

Min has no car since the brakes are apart so I had to take her to work today. The worst part about her not having a car is that I have to get out of bed at 6:45 in the morning just to go pick her up from work again. Ugh.

I did some work out in the garage. There was a garbage leak and I had to clean it up. Oreo really wanted to come out so that he could be with me so I brought him outside and brought out his blue ball so he could play in the yard. He had a grand time chasing it all over the yard. He was exhausted when I finally told him to go back into the house.

The Ralstons got a new dog today! They got him from someplace in Attica. His name is Maximus but they think that they are going to change that as it isn’t a very good name for a dog. He is a terrier mix and about eleven months old.

Min has a creepy guy at the hotel tonight who keeps coming down to the desk and bothering her. One of her co-workers decided to tell this guy that Min was going to be alone tonight so she is more worried that she would normally be.

I am in a blah mood tonight and don’t really feel like doing anything in particular. I went out and did some serious garage cleaning. It needed cleaned very badly. We had one or more (maybe as many as four) garbage bags start leaking with something really nasty coming out of them and so I had to clean the garage floor twice today to get rid of it. While I was out there I did some organizing and got some more space available now. What a mess that garage has been since we moved in.

Danielle read SGL today and saw the listing of furniture and has dibbs on the dresser. There are still a few items left so see if you want anything before they are gone. Oh, and they have decided to name the dog Obadiah or Obie for short.

I decided that I wanted to relax a little bit and so I popped in one of my all time favourite television shows The Vicar of Dibley. It is such a good combination of funny and emotional. Unlike shoes like Are You Being Served? which are hilarious but lack any depth, VoD really gets you emotionally connected to the characters in the show. “Well, I guess that there is no time like the present.” “Except for the past, I really enjoyed that.”

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