September 26, 2005

I was up way too early this morning at 6:45 so that I could get to the hotel and pick Min up from work. (For those of you who wonder why I chronicle when I get up almost every day, it is my opportunity to document just how fluctuating my schedule is. If I didn’t keep track of it, no one would ever really know.)

I got to the hotel just after 7:00 and Min and I went over to the Omega and met dad for breakfast. I was without caffeine all day yesterday and just had coffee this morning. I felt awful but I am guessing that it was from withdrawl. After the coffee I was just fine.

Min went to bed as soon as we got back home a little before 9:00 and I got ready to head up to the city. I have a lunch meeting with Craig at noon at our favourite “new” eatery: Aja Noodle in Brighton on Twelve Corners.

On the job front: I was told over the weekend that I am currently in the top two contenders for the job that everyone has been praying for. By top two I mean that there are only two of us left. I should find out shortly when my next interview (that is interview #5, two phone interviews, one in person off-site and on in person on-site already completed) will be. It should be sometime this week. So please continue praying that the Lord will lead in this decision both on their end and on ours.

For those of you interested in getting global news and have had a hard time getting an RSS feed for Qatar’s al-Jazeera, there is an RSS Feed from Purdue that will bring you the latest Middle Eastern news. I like to use several disparate news sources to get my news giving me, I feel, a more global view of world events. I also subscribe to Fox News, BBC World Service, CNN and Deutsche Welle. It is very important to get DW through an RSS feed as their website is so incredibly slow since, I am pretty sure, it is hosted directly in Germany and is not mirrored here in the states. You can also get The Wall Street Journal but I don’t know how much I recommend them. Like Gannet papers, they have a pretty poor reputation amongst those who know better. I have many articles from them related to technology and they are incredibly poor journalist and very far behind the curve and often quite willing to be misleading just so that they can sound authoritative. But no one is as bad as USA Today and its affiliated papers. The bottom line is, paper based news organizations are, by definition, behind the times and not truly competitive (with the possible exception of the Lawrence Journal World.)

I am working in Cheektowaga (Buffalo) tonight for Wegmans. This is my final Buffalo store. Tomorrow night is the final Rochester store. Altogether there are only four stores left, two this week and two next. On Monday next I am in Dulles, Virginia and on Wednesday I will be in Manalapan, New Jersey wrapping up. So only nine more days until the project is complete. Jeremy’s birthday party is going to be this evening at 5:00 down in Leicester and I will be leaving from there to go to Buffalo. Min is working the overnight tonight and it JUST occurred to me that she doesn’t have any way to get to work tonight. Getting her in the morning isn’t too bad but tonight is going to be an issue since I am going to be out of town. Hmm, probably should have thought ahead about that. One more thing to do today. Hopefully Oreo won’t have to be home alone more than a few hours. My projects are going very quickly now that the process is so smoothed out. So far 64 stores have been completed plus several practice run throughs during the project design phase so I have done this install procedure more than seventy times already. I think that we have worked out just about all of the kinks by now.

Tomorrow morning I am going to be at the house waiting for Time Warner to come out to install my Road Runner cable Internet service. It will be awesome having two lines. Boy will things be fast, I hope. I still haven’t taken the time to figure out how I want to hook up two separate lines. I probably should get on that too. Boy am I lazy this week.

I am going ahead and posting at 11:00 am since I will be gone for the rest of the day. Have a good week everyone.

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