September 7, 2005

Today is my relaxing day. Normally on Wednesdays I have to take a break and relax between having worked the overnight and having one to go tonight. So today I relaxed.

Tomorrow both Min and I are interviewing in the city so we would appreciate everyone praying for us. Min is doing her second round interview and we are very hopeful that she will get the position. I am doing an initial “interview” – after having done two on the phone – with a recruiter discussing a really perfect position up in Greece. It is too perfect so I am very doubtful that I will get it but we are really hoping that it comes through because it would make a tremendous difference for us. Also, my friend Ted is leaving tonight to go to Gulfport, Mississippi to help out with disaster relief and he asked for people to pray for him and his wife as they travel and work down there as well. So lots of prayer requests today.

Tonight is my last night at Wegmans for the week. Tonight I am at Culver Ridge which is just down the road from where Josh and I used to live in Irondequoit. On the way up to the store I was running a little bit early so I stopped by Borders in Henrietta and picked up some Lonely Planet guides to Montreal and Quebec. I figured that we needed to have some on hand in case we ever wanted to go up to Quebec at the last minute. It is so close that we can go there on the spur of the moment so best to be prepared.

Work went well tonight and I was back just a little after midnight. That worked out well. I need to get my sleep tonight to get ready for my interview tomorrow.

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