September 6, 2005

The BBC carried a good article today about support coming to the U.S. from the European nations. Lots of Americans complain about the support that we send to other countries and act as if we never need it ourselves. It is true that we have been exceedingly fortunate over the past several decades that we have not been ravished by natural disasters or domestic warfare (with the one obvious exception) but when we need support from the world, I think now people can see that the everyone is out for the good of everyone and, for the most part, we can all work together as a positive force. It is only unfortunate that it takes natural disasters such as this or the tsunami that hit southeast Asia earlier this year to show multi-national compassion. But at least at times like this we can see where people’s hearts are. I think that this is a really positive statement and it makes me very happy even at such a terrible time. And don’t think that only Europe is helping. There has been a tremendous outpouring of support from all over the world including some very small nations and several that were devastated by the recent tsunami and should not be expected to be aiding us now. Many of them are still in worse shape from that event than we are currently from this one. So, this is my personal big “Thank You World” for you all of your support.

Dad came over at 7:30 this morning and took Min and I out to breakfast at the Omega. We have hardly been there the last week or so with all of the college students back in town and the Labor Day Holiday and everything. It is nice to start getting back to normal.

After breakfast, Min went off to Canandaigua for class. Dad and I (mostly dad) ran three runs of Cat5e cabling down from the new office to the basement so that we don’t have to use wireless in that room anymore. That will be a big help. This house is really starting to come along now.

Min got home a little after 1:30 and then went back out again to go to Super Walmart to see if they had some supplies that we needed. I have a really busy week this week and had to work at home getting caught up on everything. So far things are going pretty well and I am well on track to have an okay week. It is tough having a short week, though, it is way too easy to fall behind. I really appreciate that Wegmans has me in town tonight. That will help a lot.

Min picked up a new memory foam layer for our bed. The platform bed is dramatically harder than the regular floor and I don’t think that she was prepared for that.

On a sad note: Bob “Giligan” Denver died today at age 70.

I walked to work tonight. Boy is that nice. I wish that I could walk to work every night. Excercise and no fuel costs all in one shot. I worked for forty minutes and then had a break so I walked down to the hotel and talked to Mary for a minute and then walked over to Tim Horton’s and got an egg salad sandwich and then walked back to Wegmans. I wrapped up around 12:30 am and walked back home getting in just after 1:00. I had some stuff that I needed to get done so I worked on that once I was home so I didn’t get to bed until closer to 3:00.

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