October 1, 2005

Min went shopping this morning for yarn in Rome. We left Frankfort around 3:00 and went over to Utica and stopped in at Appleby’s for some lunch on the way home. I have been wanted some of Appleby’s salmon and shrimp ever since I got some in State College two weeks ago.

We got home around 6:00. We both did some work around the house. Then the Ralstons came over around 7:00. They have been working on getting the movie Just Visiting for a while and were anxious to watch it. Min has been wanting to see this movie for a long time too. It is one of Art’s favourite movies ever. Or maybe it is his favourite movie of all time. Something like that. It was good. I am a huge Jean Reno fan. He always rocks.

After the movie all of us went shopping at Walmart around the corner. It is becoming a ritual for us. We did some shopping and Min and I picked up the third season of Roswell which we have been wanting for a long time, Iron Eagle, Gung Ho, The Life of David Gale, 9 to 5 and In & Out.

After shopping we did our usual stop over at Tim Horton’s. After that Min and I went home and got some sleep.

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