September 30, 2005: Trip to Albany

Today Min and I are going out to Albany to see her brother Joe’s “White Coat Ceremony”. The WCC is something like a junior college graduation ceremony for pharmacy students who symbolically transition from students studying pharmacy into junior pharmacists on their first rung of the ladder. So they transition from the traditional lab coat into the pharmacists short white coat (go to a pharmacy sometime, you will see what I mean.) So it is a pretty big ceremony for pharmacy students.

We were on the road just a little after 10:00 in the morning. Albany is a good drive away so we had to get moving pretty early. It takes three hours to get out to Frankfort where Min’s parents live. We got there just before 1:00 and got ready to go there. Then we road out to Albany with them. Luckily for us Frankfort sits directly along the path to Albany so we don’t have to go more than two miles out of our way in order to carpool with them.

We got out to Albany and Min and I got a chance to see Joe’s apartment at Albany College of Pharmacy. It is a lot nicer than anything that I ever had in college. Apparently this is his third place that he has been living in since coming to school out here. Then we went to the ceremony. We were concerned that it was going to be really long and drawn out but they actually did a very nice job and it didn’t last too long. A lot of people complained about how warm it was but I was in a sport coat and it didn’t feel too warm to me at all.

After the ceremony we all drove across town to the Macaroni Grill and got some dinner. Then it was time to drive back to Frankfort. I was so exhausted that I ended up sleeping in the car a bit on the way back.

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