October 10, 2005

Ah, Monday! My first “workday” on my own schedule after a year contracting at Wegmans. I don’t have to go out of town tonight! Whoo-hoo! What an awesome change that is. Maybe we will all get extra lucky and the SGL updates will keep coming on a regular basis as well. Of coure, Min and I do have to go out of town this coming weekend for two nights so that will disrupt things again for sure.

Dad picket me up at 7:15 and we went over to the Omega Grill taking Oreo with us so that he could hang out in the car while we had breakfast. Dominica managed to get out of work and to get to the restaurant before we did. We had a nice breakfast and then came home so that Dominica could get some sleep.

Some of you have mentioned the awesome Busted Tee Shirts that I have been mentioning so now you can check them out for yourselves. There is some funny stuff there.

Eric called this morning to say that his computer at his office completely died. He has known that it was on its way out since the middle of last week when it started to not be able to start from time to time. The machine is kind of old and definitely on its last legs. It only has 128MB of memory and attempting to run modern operating systems on so little memory just doesn’t do it. So it pooped out on him. That sucks for a guy with a desk job. Now he has no way to get any work done at all.

Nate stopped by this morning to pick up Tammy’s computer. I was able to look at it over the weekend. It would have been easy to not had enough time but it ended up working out okay. Tammy couldn’t come in because the baby was sleeping. Nate was only able to stay for about fifteen minutes.

I managed to get some cleaning done in the office today. I brought up our printer stand from the basement that is going into the upstairs office against the back wall. I think that it makes a nice addition to the room. I still need to find some serious USB extension cables or figure out how I want to get ethernet to the printer so that it can be accessed. The printer stand is a little far from my desk to make it practical, unfortunately.

I called Time Warner Road Runner about my bad Internet connection finally today. I have had that connection for two weeks and it has never worked for more than a minute but I haven’t managed to get a single chance to call them to get the line fixed except for one day that they had so many people without service that they weren’t even taking calls. I was on hold for a while but the people that I got to deal with were very nice and took care of their end of the problem very quickly and easily. A tech is going to be coming out in the morning tomorrow to deal with the issue.

I forgot to mention that yesterday morning on our drive east from Jamestown Dominica and I pulled off in Cuba, New York (for those who thought that we were driving through the Carribbean) and visited the Cuba Cheese Shop. We had a good time looking at their very wide cheese selection. We picked up four or five New York cheeses (four cheddars and an Amish goat) and a box of assorted Pepperidge Farm Entertaining Crackers and had some cheese and crackers in the car on the way home. They have some really good cheeses there.

Eric came over this afternoon to use my computers since he has no access to a computer at work anymore. He came over just before 3:00 and stayed until almost 6:00. We were going to do dinner with the Millens but Min has to work tonight and we didn’t want to do anything too involved because she gets so little time at home. At least she doesn’t have any class tomorrow.

Dominica and I relaxed tonight and watched several episodes of the third and final season of Roswell. Boy that is a great show. We were both surprised to find one or two episodes that we had both seen before. That was really weird. The only thing that we could guess was that at some point when season three was still fairly new that we had watched a disconnected episode together at her parents’ house. But we couldn’t figure out when or how that could have happened.

Min is working the over night audit tonight. She will be home to wake me up a little before 7:30 in the morning and Eric is due over to the house around 8:00 to use the computers and the network. Road Runner is scheduled at the same time so it all works out decently well timing wise. It is 12:12 pm and Oreo and I are headed off to bed to get a little sleep.

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