October 13, 2005

The sun is almost out today. Not quite but it isn’t the total grey overcast that we have had for the past two weeks. I really prefer it to be dark and cool in colour. But this will do.

I finally managed to sleep in today and didn’t have to get up until almost 9:00. Min got up just a little bit after I did. She had to leave at 10:00 to get out to FLCC in Canandaigua in time for her test today.

Dad is over at Eaton-Watson this morning dealing with grandma’s funeral arrangements. The funeral is going to be on Monday morning in Perry and then internment is going to be, if all goes to plan, next weekend in Canton, Ohio where my grandfather is buried. So all seven of us left out here are going to go out there for the burial. It is weird to think of the family as only being seven people left in New York including Dominica.

Dad came over this morning and picked Min and I up for lunch at the Omega. Min had been at class this morning doing a test. She had to fix a computer that the professor had broken. She thinks that it went well.

I had to do some banking this afternoon so I ran up to the city. Eric and I were going to get coffee when I was done but he ended up having work to do so we weren’t able to schedule it. I stopped by Target and Best Buy after going to the bank to do a little gift shopping. While I was there I picked up the latest release from Nickleback as well as The Explorers with Ethan Hawk and River Phoenix which was a terrible movie but one that was awesome when I was young so I have been looking for it for years.

One of my projects tonight was getting the new USB switch and extension cable that we picked up last night installed and my desk cleaned off. I got that done and then moved Mr. Humphries from the bookshelf in the dining room into the office so that he is on my desk. We are hoping that this arrangement will make it far easier to keep him warm, save on home heating costs and make him much more accessible so that we are more likely to spend time with him. Being in the dining room is tough because we never use that part of the house during the hours when he is awake unless we have guests and then we don’t hang out with the hamster very much. So we are very hopeful that this will turn out to be a much better solution for everyone involved. Plus my desk is much larger so he can actually get out of his cage and explore a bit without being on the edge of falling to the floor at every moment. I have been really worried about how little time we spend hanging out with him. When we first got him he stayed in the bedroom and I had him right by my head when I slept and he seemed to really like that but now he is around us so little when both he and we are awake that he misses out on a lot of attention. Hopefully now he can wake up and come find me easily on most occassions so that he can gets lots and lots of attention. One of the problems that we have always had with him is that he has such an incredibly short attention span that it is very difficult to spend time with him. What he will do is rattle his cage looking for attention. Then you go over and spend some time with him but after about ten to fifteen seconds he will run away. As soon as you assume that he has given up on wanting attention and leave he returns and wants attention again. This is a pattern that can go on for hours and makes it very difficult to entertain him because so much of your time is spend waiting for him to come back and want more attention.

The hamster is out of his cage and wandering around on the desk while I am writing this update. It is so much more space than he is used to. I think that he is really gonig to like it, though, because this should make it that he can come and go from his cage when I am in here. He loves to go in and out of his cage. It isn’t like most hamsters that just want to be out of their cages. He likes to come out and walk around but wants to go back in after a minute. But just a few minutes later he will want to be back in again. And on and so forth. I guess that he is a rodent with very short interest cycles.

Well, the first problem with having the hamster loose is apparent: we need to block him from getting onto the portion of my desk that my computer is actually on. I think that a simple piece of wood will do the trick. Something that I can put in place when he is going to be loose and can hide when we don’t need it. He immediately comes over to where I am and starts to chew on everything – which unfortunately is mostly wires and picture frames. So that doesn’t work well at all. He is a very ornary hamster.

While I was working in the office tonight (with the crazy hamster running all over the place) I watched The Explorers since I have been wanting to see it again since I first saw it in theatres in 1985! It is has been a complete twenty years since the last time that I saw this movie. It is weird to finally be at an age when you actually can have gone twenty years without having seen a movie that you remember pretty well. I have almost never found anyone who remembers this film except for Min. It is one of the movies done in the style of Goonies but obviously not as well. It is weird how much watching a movie like this takes me right back to 1985. The clothing, the television, the furniture. This is how I remember the world from when I was nine.

I started working on getting my paperwork together for final submittal to Empire State College tonight. It has been almost a year since I worked on it last. Boy am I late! Luckily I recorded enough information last time that I worked on this paperwork that I was able to get right back into it again pretty easily.

While I was working I finally got around to watching Disney’s version of Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wringle in Time which I have been wanted to watch for a long time. “A Wrinkle in Time” was one of my favourite books when I was younger. I have the entire series of books. They were great.

Min got home around 11:20 and we headed right out to go to Walmart to do a little shopping. When we got back I was exhausted and went straight to bed.

So today I found the worst website of all time. What is the point of this page from American Rock Salt over in Retsof? There isn’t one single bit of information at all here. One image and a link to their internal email? There is a good security system. Lets make every single person who was ever interested in doing business with us get no information but give them a tool to attempt to hack us with. Great.

Okay, so here is the plan for this weekend as it now stands. The plans have been changed over and over again so I hope that they are solid at this point. We are leaving Geneseo around noon tomorrow. We will go straight to the rehearsal. Then we are going out to Frankfort and staying with Min’s parents on Friday night. Oreo will be with dad. So we won’t be coming back to Geneseo until after the wedding. The wedding reception starts around 6:00. We are hoping that we will be able to go straight back to Geneseo after the reception but it might end up being too late. We will play that by ear. So we will be home either really late on Saturday night or middle of the day on Sunday.

There probably won’t be any updates until Sunday evening since it is so hard to post while out of town. Have a good weekend everyone.

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