October 14, 2005

Dominica and I are going out to Clinton, New York this afternoon for Min’s cousin Sam’s wedding rehearsal. Min is going to be doing one of the reading in the wedding so she has to be at the rehearsal. We spent the early morning packing and getting ready to be able to leave. Dad came over a little before noon and we all went to lunch at the Omega. We ate and then had to hit the road pretty quickly. The rehearsal is at 3:45 and it takes three hours to get there so we had to boogie.

We got to Clinton right on time. I have never been to Clinton before. I was really impressed by what an attractive town it is. It is a small village to the west of New Hartford which is just to the west of Utica. Hamilton College is just outside the village. It is one of the most beautiful campuses that I have ever seen. I got Min to the chapel – which was built in 1827 – and then took Oreo out to explore the campus. Oreo had an incredible time running around exploring everything. He dragged me from tree to tree trying to see and pee on everything. He had the most fun he has had in a long time. It was drizzling the whole time and he got very wet. After a while it started to rain and I had to take him back to the car. He was getting very cold.

After the rehearsal I drove Min over to the Stonebridge Country Club and dropped her off. I ran back to Min’s parent’s house to drop off Oreo and to change for the after-rehearsal dinner. I made it back to the country club just in time to get in line for dinner. Now that is good timing.

Before going to bed we watched Kingdom of Heaven with Min’s father. It was quite good. I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t strictly historically accurate. At least Saladin really was the sultan that sieged the city. That was about all that was accurate. There was a tiny bit of truth to some of the story. But not much. You can learn more about The Siege of Jerusalem in 1187 at Wikipedia.

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