October 18, 2005

I got my wake up call from Dominica at 6:45 this morning. That is one of the benefits of having a wife that works at a hotel doing wake up calls. I just call her there and have her wake me up. Actually this morning I was all ready awake when she called. Eric will be impressed. He doesn’t think that I am ever up before 10:00.

I went back and added some photos to the 16th’s daily so if you have all ready read that you should go back and check the pics from Letchworth.

Dad picked me up at 7:15 and we met Min over at the Omega for some breakfast. I think that I like this four hours of sleep deal. I tend to get up earlier and get more done and I don’t end up feeling tired until the end of the day so it works out pretty well. It has been a long time since I have been able to get my sleep down to such a low amount but I have a feeling that now that I am able to have a more or less regular sleep schedule that I might be able to do it again. Especially now that I have the CPAP. In theory the CPAP was going to drop my total sleep time quite a bit but instead it seemed to just make me able to sleep all through the night. I think that the secret might be to force myself to get up at a regular time all of the time and I might start to only sleep four hours or so on my own. That would be awfully nice. When I was in high school I only ever slept four hours a night and I felt great. As much as I enjoy sleeping I hate wasting so much of my life doing it.

Before heading off to class Min went down to the theatre and watched the final two episodes of Roswell. She has been waiting to see the whole third season since she was in college and the show was moved to UPN which even now doesn’t have a local station here in Geneseo. Not that it would matter now as we don’t have a television. But if we did we still couldn’t watch it.

Once Min got off to school I was back to work on my paperwork for Empire State. As I said yesterday – that is my one big project this week. Anything that I can do to get caught up with that is a top priority. I would be so ecstatic if I could just get that taken care of. Heaven only knows how much productivity I have lost over the last year because I have had this hanging over my head. I tend to get buried under the load and then I panic and don’t manage to get anything done. But now I am feeling the burdens lifting and I am able to move forward on this and soon, I hope, it will be out of the way altogether.

Today’s picture is one of Oreo that I took late this summer out in the back yard here in Geneseo. The sun was bright and Oreo was having a grand time laying out in the grass and so I went out and laid out in the lawn with him and took a bunch of pictures. He is such a handsome dog. Being black and white he is very difficult to photograph. He doesn’t like to look at cameras either which makes it even harder since he is almost always facing away.

Oreo our Dog taken in 2005 in back yard at our house in Geneseo

PodOMatic now has statistics on their podcasts which is really cool for us podcasters so that we can get a feel for how many people are actually listening to our shows. I was surprised to find that there are a number of people listening to the SGL Podcast that I just got set up on podOmatic. Even with there being only a single new episode hosted there there have been a number of people listening to the show. That is awesome. Now I will have to start making the show a little bit more regularly and a lot more interesting! But thanks everyone who has been listening. That is AWESOME!

Min got home just before 2:00. Her professor has asked me to go in to their class sometime soon and be a guest speaker to talk to them about UNIX and Linux.

Here is a great quote: In response to a question on the role of open source software in Africa, Gerald Ilukwe, the general manager of Microsoft Nigeria, said that cost is not important, even though he admitted that the average annual salary in the West African country is only US$160.

Dominica was so tired when she got home that she fell asleep on my office floor instead of making it to bed. Oreo thought that that was great and took a nap on his pillow basking in the afternoon sunlight sitting between Min and I.

I managed to get tons of work done on my school stuff today. I am really happy with how much I accomplished. I even got a chance to talk to my mentor at college and she is on track with me now and I think we have a pretty good idea of what we are doing.

By 6:30 I was pretty burnt out. I don’t know why but I felt exhausted. Not exhausted like I wanted to go to bed, though, but like I had just had enough for the day.

Dominica woke up around 8:30 and wanted to watch a movie so we watched The Transporter which we got recently on Art’s recomendation. It was pretty good. We really enjoyed it. Then we decided to watch Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines which is very long and we decided we couldn’t handle finishing tonight so we only watched half of it and then turned in for the night very early around 11:00. We never go to bed this early but we were both really exhausted.

Hurricane Wilma in the Gulf tonight went to 882mb making it the most powerful hurricane in recorded history and bumping Katrina down to number four. It has sustained winds of 175mph and is expected to slam into Miami on Sunday.

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