October 3, 2005

Today is my super busy day. Tons to get done and very little time to do it all in. I have to work in Dulles, Virginia tonight and will be out of town until Friday so I have to be prepared.

Newforge had a good article about Microsoft and the size differences between the forthcoming HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Disc formats.

I left Geneseo around 2:30 after getting lots of work done this morning and running lots of errands. It is a long drive to Sterling, Virginia where I am working tonight. About six and a half hours from Geneseo. It is pretty much a straight shot down route 15 the whole way. I don’t get off of 15 or a highway mirroring 15 (like 390, 99, 180 and 11) until about five minutes away from Wegmans. That is really handy.

Although the drive is long I find the Route 15 corridor to be pretty nice. It winds through a lot of varied terrain and shows a very interesting slice of Americana.

Work went okay and I was done by 1:30 am. I hit the road as quickly as possible and drove out to Annapolis. It only took just over an hour to get out to Old Mill Bottom Road where I am staying at the Comfort Inn by John’s house on the bay. I will be here tonight and again tomorrow night. On Wednesday night I am going to be staying somewhere either in New Jersey or in Pennsylvania. I am playing it by ear for now. I am planning on working in Ithaca on Thursday so if anyone needs me, that is where I will be.

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