October 4, 2005: Scott and Dominica’s Second Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to Dominica and I!! Two years today!

Unfortunately, for our second wedding anniversary Dominica and I don’t get to see each other at all. I called her from Wegmans in Virginia at 12:15 this morning and caught her just starting her shift at the hotel in Geneseo and wished her a happy anniversary. We won’t get a chance to see each other until Friday.

I got up at 11:00 this morning. Six hours of sleep. Not bad for a project day out of town. More would have been nice but I needed to get moving and get connected with the world again. Min is at class this morning. She took dad’s car and hers went into M&R in Geneseo to get the brakes fixed. She and dad had breakfast this morning and he is staying at our house with Oreo while she is at class. And hopefully she will be able to pick up her car before he has to leave.

I wasn’t able to get a hold of John Nicklin early this afternoon so I just hung out in the hotel. I am generally pretty amiable to just hanging in the hotel. It is nice and quite and no one bothers you and I am able to catch up on SGL easily enough. I emailed and called John Stagno too to see if he was around. I haven’t talked to him in months (since January!) but the last time we had talked we said that we should get together when I came through town with Wegmans. I didn’t even remember that conversation but I found a copy of the email just a few minutes after I had called him to get together. How coincidental is that?

Oh, Andy picked up his new car today. He bought a 1998 Buick Regal from John Holtz. Almost identical to my dad’s car. Or so I imagine. I haven’t seen it yet. Obviously.

As I often am… I was tempted by some television and a Domino’s pizza. Annapolis has been my traditional Domino’s location for many, many years. I turned on the telly and there was As Time Goes By, Season Four, I think.

I got to see Ed McMahon doing horribly cheesy local Ford dealership commercials. To think, Ed used to be the idiot sidekick on the Tonight show. Now he isn’t good enough to spit shine Andy Richter’s boots and Andy can’t even get any good work. It wasn’t just a local Ford dealership but one of those used cars with credit for anyone places. They even had weird fake callers calling in to ask credit questions while they video of the caller sitting in a dark room with low backlighting so you can only see a silouhette. The infomercial inspired used car ad. The lowest of the low. And we all thought that there was nothing lower than Publisher’s Clearing House.

Are You Being Served? came on too. It is just like being home! Nicklin called at 3:00. He has meetings until 6:00.

John called just before 4:00 and I drove up to the southern edge of Baltimore to meet him up there between meetings. We managed to hang out for about half an hour before he had to go off to his last meeting for the day. I stayed at the bar while he was at his meeting until a little after 6:00.

While I was waiting for John, I got a chance to talk to someone about the interview that I had last week. We don’t have any update yet but everyone that is going to be interviewed has been interviewed and we are told that we will get results on Thursday. So only two more days of prayers:)

We went over to John and Michelle’s and hung out for a little while. I haven’t been over there in forever. John has a new Hummer that I haven’t seen yet. I knew that it was there but haven’t been down to Maryland yet to see it. They also have a new dog that I didn’t know about. He is a ten month old, very large weimaraner. We watched Constantine with Keanu Reeves. It was okay. Weird and cheesy but watchable.

I got back from the Nicklin’s and watched some more telly. It isn’t often that I get a chance to watch anything so it is a nice change from time to time. I managed to catch a hilariously funny Iranian/British comic. His name is Omid Djalili and he has been in movies like Notting Hill and The Mummy. He is one of the funniest stand up comedians that I have ever seen. You can check him out at Omid-Djalili.com.

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