November 15, 2005

In another move that is hurting Sony’s reputation, it is now widely believed and rapidly being investigated whether or not Sony was involved in stealing software from the LAME project in order to make their new root-kit virus. Isn’t it ironic (yes, actually ironic and not coincidental) that in an attempt to forcibly stop people from being able to steal their CD’s that Sony has stolen from others? Microsoft has officially listed Sony’s software in their spyware database and the Microsoft Anti-Spyware tool now removes that virus from your computer or, at least, attempts to. A+ to Microsoft, F to Sony.

Once again, Oreo decided when it was time to get up this morning. He has taken to needing to go outside after six hours of sleep and it is making my life very difficult. I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in days. And since I have a cold that really isn’t working out all that well.

Dominica had to get out to her class this morning. While she was out at her class I took the opportunity to go down to the Castile school to check out the new computer lab situation and to see where we were with all of that. I called dad and he decided that he would go down there with me so I swung by his place with Oreo and picked him up. We got down to the school a little before noon and spent an hour at least, I would imagine, getting an idea of where things are in regards to getting a lot of new stuff set up at the school. I have an immediate task list for this week now which will help a lot. We have a lot of work to do before things are ready but now is the time to jump on it and to get things done so I am optimistic. We are getting a full blown ten computer lab set up which is twenty-five percent larger than the lab that we had last year. We still don’t have quite enough computers to fill the lab and nowhere near enough monitors. So if anyone out there has any spare stuff we definitely still have places where we can put it to good use.

After working at the school dad and I went to Lorraine’s on Main Street for some lunch. Boy is that place inexpensive. I can’t believe how cheaply you can eat there. We both had country fried fish sandwiches for lunch. It was delicious.

I took dad home and then rushed back over to the house in Geneseo because we have guests coming over to the house later and the whole place is a complete and utter disaster and has been since about two weeks after Andy moved out. So we had a ton of cleaning that needed to be done before anyone came over to the house. It was about 2:30 or maybe a little later when I finally got back to the house. Dominica was out at the grocery store getting supplies for tonight since she is making dessert. I got to work getting as much of the house cleaned as possible.

Eric is still without a laptop at work and so he came over this afternoon while Dominica and I were cleaning so that he could use the computer to at least check his messages and take care of some basic things. I can’t imagine having to work without any access to a computer or the Internet. How do people get anything done?

Dominica and I cleaned like mad right up until 5:15 when dad arrived to pick us up to take us over to the Shanghai for dinner. We met our friends Amy and Dan and their kids over there for dinner. The eight of us enjoyed the buffet and then came back to our now clean or almost clean house in Geneseo for dessert and coffee. We only ever get to see them once or twice a year. Just recently they finished working on a house here in the area and just eight weeks ago or so moved into that house. So now they are much closer to us than they were previously. Maybe we will get to see them more often now. Amy and I go way back. We have been friends for as long as I can remember. She is the only friend that I have that comes from before kindergarten. And, in reality, my only friend from just after that is Jonathan Stagno that I still talk to on a regular basis. Amy and I go back to age two or so. I guess she is my only friends from the 1970’s. The SEVENTIES!

Dominica and I managed to get a short podcast done before we went to bed. We have to work on doing the show earlier in the day because we keep ending up so incredibly tired by the time that we actually do the show that we sound like crap on the show. But we are shooting for a shorter but more often format and hopefully we will just naturally improve over time. So get over there and check out the show. I really like the tune “Irony” that we play on tonight’s show. It is really good. I picked out the tune to be on our playlist but Dominica picked that song to be played tonight.

It was decently warm today and the furnace is not even close to having to kick on to keep the house warm. We have it set to 66F and this evening the house was holding 73F without any extra help. That is awesome considering the super high cost of heating fuel this winter. I wonder how long we can keep this up. The wind is blowing something fierce tonight. I can’t believe how windy it is. This house makes so much noise. It always sounds like people banging on the side of the house.

Congratulations to the Nicklins, John and Michelle, down in Arnold, Maryland who have purchased and have now moved into their new house. This is their second house. We haven’t seen it yet but John is hoping to get me pictures off of his laptop very soon. They were looking for a house that had more space. The house that they were living in previously was waterfront on Deep Creek but it didn’t have very much space to work with. Dominica and I are planning on going down to Annapolis very soon so we are hoping to have a chance to see the house in the very near future.

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