SGL Podcast Episode 23: Chia Pets

SGL Podcast Episode 23 – MP3
SGL Podcast Episode 23 – Ogg Vorbis

Podomatic can’t seem to be able to handle playing our new stereo format through their web based flash player. If you hear us sounding like the chipmunks, let us know. We have test everything and everything sounds fine as long as you download the MP3 files either from the website here or through a podcatcher like Juice.

Anyone out there have a chia pet of their own? Scott and Dominica are raising a chia herb garden. Hydroponic gardening is fun. Send us pictures of your chia pets in action.

Scott went to the senior play at his old high school tonight. Sixty four bit computers are now less expensive than the thirty two bit legacy machines. Scott now owns his CPAP! And you can subscribe to the show through email notifications just in case you don’t like to subscribe through RSS feeds.

What does diet Dr. Pepper taste more like Dr. Pepper than? Here is a scientific study on the topic.

We also mentioned the book: Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut which is the most famous literary work dealing with the World War II fire bombing of Dresden, Germany. Interestingly enough, the lead character of the book is a real person and is actually buried in the Mt. Hope Cemetary here in Rochester, New York.

Listen to: Andrew Buscemi

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