November 18, 2005

Oreo the alarmclock got me up again this morning. Apparently he no longer has any qualms about going out into the snow. It is easy for him to get up early because he just climbs right back into bed and snuggles with whomever is around and sleeps all day. It doesn’t make any difference to him at all when he decides that he wants to go out. But he always does it early enough to cut my night short.

Here is a happy news item for a change: children overseas save mother they see collapse on living room webcam. It would appear that the Internet really does have positive uses beyond being a delivery mechanism for SGL.

After Min left for work this morning I had my hands full doing some last minute cleaning. There is always more to be done, isn’t there? I did some vacuuming, the dishes, red up the office and did some general house cleaning. Now if I could just teach Oreo to wipe his feet and the hamster not to throw his bedding all over the place we will be in really good shape.

While she was at work Dominica found a site that talked about how to make mincemeat pies. I hope that the fact that she is looking means that she is planning on baking me one sometime in the near future. When we used to go to Ohio for Thanksgiving sometimes my grandmother would bake one for me since I was the only member of the immediate family who likes them. There is a lot of that in my family. It seems that my tastes are completely my own.

I left home around 11:00 and took Oreo over to pick up dad so that we could go down to Castile to get some work done down there. It was after noon by the time we actually managed to get down there. We had to do some banking and I had to get gas. The car must have been exceedingly empty today because I put a lot more in than the tank is supposed to hold. We had to stop at the lumber shop in Perry too because we needed to pick up a shelf to install down at the school.

We got some work done. Not as much as I had hoped. We got some critical cabling runs put into the ceiling and that is likely to really help as we continue to try to get the computer lab up and running as quickly as possible.

I did a bunch of work on a computer for the school this afternoon and did a bit of checking out of a number of hard drives that we have here that have been having problems. We have had so many hard drives die recently and we have no real machine to work with them with that they are piling up waiting for me to determine with drives are still useful and which ones are not. That is turning into a real chore.

Jenn was at the house when I got back from Castile. We managed to hang out for about an hour or two before she had to run out to go to Buffalo where she is crashing tonight with friends out there. Eric came over while Jenn was still here to use the computer. He still doesn’t have a computer at work and they are starting to email him all of the time with stuff that he has to do. It has been more than a month now, I think, that he has been working with no means of communicating with the company that he works for. I don’t know how they expect him to be able to do anything. It isn’t like there is another computer at his site somewhere. The company doesn’t have a single computer at the entire location. So he can’t sneak over to someone’s office and use their computer when they aren’t there if he has to. My house is his only option.

Dominica and I were really tired tonight by the time that she got home and we decided that we didn’t have the energy to put on a good podcast so we decided to skip it for tonight and ended up going to bed a little on the early side.

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