November 19, 2005

Today really does not feel like a Saturday to me. I got up with Min as she headed off to work in the city. I did some cleaning this morning trying to keep the house up to par with where it was last night but once we get the house clean it is a tough place to keep it at.

My main project this morning was building a computer for Castile that I plan to install on Monday morning. This is the first full SUSE Linux 10.0 install that I have from scratch on a fresh machine. I was really impressed. This new version is screaming compared to the stuff that I am used to. The school is going to be really happy with this. This will make classes so much easier because it will take so much less time to get computers up and running when students need to use them. They will also be quite happy just to have a new computer arriving as well.

Dad called and we got together for lunch at the Omega Grill. After lunch I came home and spent several hours working on the telephone with Andy. Our project is really coming along. He has been doing tons of work on it and we are really starting to get excited about having it working pretty soon.

I did a short SGL Podcast to make sure that there was something up for today. I didn’t want to leave everyone hanging with so many people listening to the show on such a regular basis. I also had to record my Saturday show of Scott Reads the Bible. My new Saturday show is me reading my way straight through the King James Bible one chapter at a time. The whole podcast is me reading the Bible one chapter at a time but I skip all around in the Word and use lots of different versions of the Bible – almost twenty different translations – but on Saturdays I am doing a special thing starting from Genesis 1 today and going all the way through directly.

I tried to shave my head this afternoon while I was waiting for Jenn to arrive. I have been lazy about shaving my head recently and I have gotten pretty scruffy. I started shaving it tonight but after not too long I realized that I had let it get way too long. It ended up taking me almost two hours to get my head shaved and I ended up eating through four razor blades and still getting pretty severe razor burn on my head from the number of times I had to drag a dull blade over it. What a pain.

Jeremy’s friend Ben who has been working on trying to find a free, host based solution to playing AoE2 over the network finally got something working today and we were able to test it. That was a relief. It is nice that we have another group of people that will be able to play now because of that. No one was around this afternoon so Ben and I played a quick game of one on one while I was waiting for Jenn to get to the house.

Jenn arrived at the house around 7:00. We hung out for a little while and then at 8:30 we had to drive up to Rochester to meet Dominica and Tricia at Basha which is an awesome Meditteranean restaurant up on Clinton. Tanner and I used to hang out at Basha a lot back in our old college days at Monroe Community College, MCC. The restaurant isn’t very far from there and isn’t very expensive so it made for a great place to head to when we wanted a nice lunch. We got there right on time and Min was only a minute behind us coming from work. She claims that I gave her bad directions but she called and I talked her through a couple of turns and she was there so quickly that it wasn’t a problem at all. Personally I think that she just missed the exit but I will have to try driving the same way sometime to see if there is really an exit there or not where the map had said that there was. Maps are often wrong, though. Tricia was a few minutes later than us. We pretty much had the restaurant to ourselves. There was only one other table there and they were almost done eating by the time that we were starting so it was very private.

Dinner was very good. I really like Basha. I wish that we would eat there more often. Too bad it is so far away. We almost never drive all of the way up to the city itself to eat. We always have to combine the trip with something else. After dinner the four of us went over to the Olde Toad on Alexander Street in the Medical Arts Building where I used to work for Pilato Entertainment many moons ago (1998 – 1999 maybe?) Tricia’s girlfriend met us there and we all hung out for several hours. It has been a really long time – since my bachelour party, I do believe – since I have had a chance to be up there and to get to have some real ale (that is an actual category of beer, real ale.) We had a really good time. Oreo was happy just to hang out in the parking lot waiting for us. I think that he is starting to get tired of the whole “waiting in the car indefinitely” thing that he has been having to go through over and over the past couple of weeks. His enthusiasm about riding in the car is beginning to wane a little.

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