November 20, 2005

We were up at at’em this morning. Dominica and I were up around 9:00 and easily ready for church on time. Jenn got up at 10:00 and rushed quickly so that she could join us over at LaGrange for the morning service. After church we went with dad over to the Silver Lake Family Restaurant. No surprises there. Jenn is getting to see our normal routine today.

We got back to the house and checked in on Oreo. We didn’t take him with us this morning because he has been in the car way too much recently and we don’t want to make him sick of it. He enjoys it so much normally. We don’t want to do anything that risks ruining that. We packed him into the car and then the three of us drove up to Dominica’s office. She had gotten a call early this morning telling her that she had forgotten to submit her hours for the week. So we had to go all of the way up there so that she could put in her hours. It took all of five minutes. Then we drove down to Borders to hang out for a little while. I had some shopping that I had wanted to do so that worked out pretty decently. The really unfortunate thing is that I had meant to have done some shopping at Home Depot and I totally forgot about it. At Borders I wanted to look at some Bibles because the Scott Reads the Bible Podshow needs more material. Today the podcast made the podOmatic top 100 for the first time. That is pretty cool. There are a number of Christian podcasts on podOmatic that are in the top one hundred. I figure since I podcast daily on there that it will probably get me up in the ranking pretty quickly. Once people realize that I am there and doing that. I picked up an English Standard Verions, a Today’s New International Version and an easier to read King James Bible while I was there. Min did some looking too and ended up getting a new TNIV Women’s Study Bible. Jenn just picked up some greeting cards that were on sale. We all got some coffee and spent some time relaxing in the Borders cafe. We all had a little dessert as well.

It was a little after 7:00 by the time we got back to the house and I was ready to just be in the house for a while. This week is really busy for me. I am working with Jeremy at the Castile school on Monday and Tuesday. Also on those days I have a lot of web design work that has to be completed as well as some preparation for a big job that I am doing on Wednesday that is going to take the entire day. I am starting at 7:00 on Wednesday morning up in the city at the university and will be there all day long. That will be exhausting. And then it is Tofurkey Day! We don’t know what we are doing for Thanksgiving yet. We had tentively been planning on driving out to Frankfort to have Thanksgiving out there but currently the weather forecast isn’t sounding very promising so we are kind of rethinking that whole plan. I am, of course, planning on being back to Rochester in time for the gang’s traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner at Nick Tahou’s. Haven’t missed one yet and I don’t plan on starting now. Min is, of course, not thrilled in the least about that.

Jenn and Min ran off to Tim Horton’s to get some dinner and more coffee and then went shopping at Walmart. I stayed home to get sort of caught up on everthing that has been being neglected the past several days. I got the latest Bible reading recorded, edited and published. Haven’t missed a day yet. That is seven consecutive days so far. I caught up on SGL which was two days behind. I am continuing to work on getting WordPress up and running so that I can test that out and see how well it is going to work as the code underneath SGL. That is an ongoing effort. Oreo was glad that I stayed home. He was happy just to take a nap in the house. I had to gather things so that I could get everything out to Castile early in the morning. My plan is for it to just be a short morning over there but last time that I was there I managed to kill one of their computers and I don’t want them to have any fewer than they all ready do so I need to take care of that.

The girls didn’t get back until 10:00. Good thing that I didn’t go with them. That was a lot longer of a trip than it was supposed to have been.

Just for fun Oreo decided to roll in poop again so Min had to give him another bath. That kept us from being able to do the podcast as early as we had hoped to. Actually I had hoped to do have done the podcast in the afternoon when everyone was more lively but that wasn’t possible. So we didn’t end up getting started until after 10:30 so we didn’t wrap up until almost midnight. Then it was time for me to do the post processing on the show. That always keeps me up a lot later than I want to be awake. The hamster likes to make a lot of noise while we are doing the show so Jenn forced him into his red ball and he rolled all over the house while we recorded the show. We were all really tired by the time we reached the end of the show. I am not able to stay up very late tonight because I have to get up to the city in the morning to get to Home Depot so that I can get Jeremy and get down to Castile so that they are able to get some work done. I was hoping that I would be able to find the parts that I needed around the house but that hasn’t worked out as of yet. I will make one last effort before going to bed to try to find the stuff that I need because it will make my life a LOT easier if I don’t have to do all of that extra driving in the morning. My week is more than busy enough this week without having to make an extra and unnecessary trip to Rochester.

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