November 27, 2005: Yellow Sunday

I have finally convinced Dominica of how long it takes to drive to church and we managed to arrive early this morning. What a great feeling that is.

Amanda is on vacation this week from the Silver Lake Family Restaurant so we felt that it might be dangerous to go down there. Who knows what is happening there. She totally runs that place. She does the ordering, does the prep, cooks the food, takes the orders, does the hiring… We felt that it would be best to wait for two weeks until she returned and just eat in Geneseo at the Omega. So dad and Dominica and I all drove back over to Geneseo and had lunch there. Then Min and I went home to take care of the dog and to change before going over to the Ralstons to hang out for the afternoon.

We drove over to York around 3:00 and hung out at the Ralston’s until it was time for them to run to the evening service at church. We brought Oreo with us because he can’t handle being left along and was really upset from having been alone this morning. Oreo was a real bully with Obi and wouldn’t leave him alone. We really aren’t able to bring Oreo over there because he is obnoxious around other dogs. He is so great with people but he just has to be the center of everything. Art wanted to show us the new office desk system that he had built and installed in their home office. He made an entire three wall desk system completely out of MDF. It is really cool. We are hoping that he makes some desks for us like that as well. Hint hint.

Dominica and I came home and relaxed in the living room watching some of That 70’s Show Season Three which we have been working on for the past few days. We pretty much just took it easy tonight.

We both got a hankerin’ for some dessert and so we drove over to Tim Horton’s and got some eats. While we were there we grabbed an extra donut and walked over to the hotel to drop it off for Mary.

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