November 28, 2005: Purple Monday

Today was a sleep in day. Which didn’t actually mean that I got to sleep in or anything. I was up just after eight because, that’s right – you guessed it, of the dog. But I wasn’t all that tired at that point so I was okay with getting up. Dominica slept in until just a little before 10:00 when dad was coming to get us for a late breakfast. He has a really busy schedule this week and this is the only time that he is able to see us for breakfast so we decided to squeeze it in. He came around the house at 10:00 and over to the Omega we went. That is kind of the theme of our lives. We have actually eaten at the Omega more than we have eaten at home the past two and a half years. And I am not exaggerating. Maybe we haven’t eaten there twice as much but even that wouldn’t surprise me. It is just so close and convenient. We stayed at Omega for over two hours today! We didn’t come home until close to one in the afternoon!

My afternoon was spent almost completely on the telephone. At least busy means good things but it is also a pain. I had a hard time getting anything done today because I was on the phone so much.

I did manage to on the telephone with support over at Creative and they were able to help me out with getting the Creative MuVo Mix to work with Audible. It turns out that you have to install special management software off of their CD that replaces the Audible software that I was all ready using. Not something that I would do on my own since the Audible software was newer and I had all ready gotten all of the latest Creative software off of their website. The support guy had never heard of the unit that I was using and it caught him by surprise. So it was a bit of a pain that they didn’t give any directions anywhere about how to get this to work but at least it really did work and the support guy was really nice and helpful. Once we got past that little obstacle the player actually works really, really well. The direct Audible files are super tiny and you can fit several books onto just 256MB. In fact, a 128MB unit would be more than adequate for just about anybody. I am thinking about getting one of these units for myself although I am not sure whether or not that will end up causing a problem because of the way that the software works so I am not too sure that I want to get one and go through all of the possible problems. If anyone is thinking of getting an MP3 player specifically for the purpose of listening to books, especially Audible books, then we both totally recommend this really low cost player. We got it for under $38 and I have seen it only for around $40. So that is a really good deal. And it comes with a coupon for two free books from Audible so that is worth a LOT. If you were to buy two books on CD from the store you would easily spend more than the cost of the MuVo!

We hung out in the living room tonight and finished watching That 70’s Show Season Three and then watched the first season of the 1978 BBC show Butterflies with Geoffery Palmer. I watched a bit but had to spend a lot of time bouncing back and forth between the living room and the office because I am working on a computer for the school and it is a lot of work trying to get it to actually work. I probably burned seven hours or more working on it by the time that the night was over. I worked on it for so long that I didn’t manage to record the Scott Reads Bible podcast until 2:30 in the morning! The podomatic system is on Pacific time so I have until 3:00 am to post and have it register as being the same day so that is why I had to do it then.

Mary and Jocelyn were supposed to come over tonight to hang out but we didn’t end up hearing from them until after nine o’clock. They had just gotten in from Dansville and were exhausted after a really long day and decided not to come over.

Dominica had abandoned me before midnight to get some sleep so I was alone for a lot of the night. Oreo won’t go to bed until I do so he stayed in the office hanging out with me and the hamster until I was finally able to go to bed very, very late.

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