November 29, 2005: Fire Engine Red Tuesday

Boy, once I start getting behind I take forever to catch up, don’t I? I was up really late last night trying to get a computer ready for Castile and managed to finally get it done around 3:00 in the morning. So I didn’t get to bed until it was awfully late. But I was really relived to finally have that machine working. It is the only wireless machine at the school and those have a tendancy to be really difficult to get set up. I put in so much time trying to figure out what was wrong that I decided that I needed to post the directions to get through it all over on my tech blog so if anyone needs it, you can learn how to install a Netgear WG311v2 Wireless 802.11g adapter in SUSE Linux 10.0 over there.

I woke up when Min got up to get ready for class this morning. It wasn’t a full night’s sleep but it wasn’t too bad. It was SO windy last night. I couldn’t believe it. Totally out of control. It was one of the windiest nights since we have moved here to Geneseo. It was so warm last night that not only cracked a window but completely opened both of our big bedroom windows that are directly above our heads when we sleep but also the bathroom window so that we would get a crossbreeze! By this morning it was pouring out and ended up raining all day. But it was so warm that even in the heavy rain no one needed to wear a real coat today. I just had my fleece all day.

I left to go down to Castile Christian Academy just a little after Dominica left to go to class in Canandaigua. She only has two classes left after this one if I am not mistaken. Three at the very most. But I am pretty sure that she is right down to the wire on this class. She will be relieved to have it over with although she does enjoy it.

I had a really good and productive day down at the school. The wireless machine actually worked even after I transported it down to the school. I managed to get a number of the computers set up and working today. In fact I managed to complete everything on my “to do” list before the bell rang for the end of day so I was very happy. I even managed to get lunch from Lorraine’s during the day too. I am going to be speaking at the school’s PTA meeting next Thursday evening so I need to prepare for that. I am giving general information on Internet security and dangers of having an online presence.

Dominia got home a little before me. I had Oreo with me. I hadn’t planned on taking him today but he was so anxious to go that I couldn’t bare to leave him at the house. I put in a few hours working on the computer in the office and Min puttered around the house doing some chores here and there. Dad came over at 5:30 and we all went over to the Omega for some dinner.

I discovered today that Amazon had forgotten to ship me a book that I had purchased several weeks ago. They shipped part of an order but not all of it but their website said that it had all shipped about the same time and that everything was scheduled to arrive at the same time. This isn’t the first time that I have had them completely mess up an order for me and have their website report all kinds of weird information that isn’t correct. It was around Christmas time several years ago when it last happened. It had to have been a long time ago because it was books that I had bought for mom and it wasn’t for her last Christmas, I don’t think, so that would have been four or five years ago. Anyway, so I had to email Amazon and we will see how we go through this process. Usually they are really good about these things and this time things should really work easily because they have a tracking number on the website for USPS and if you use that number at USPS, USPS says that no package was ever assigned that number so clearly there is a problem in Amazon’s system. I just hate dealing with things like this. I am also dealing with an eBay purchase that I made months ago that never came. The guy finally emailed me this week but we will see if he really followes up on sending me the package. It was a cheap item but, once again, I just hate dealing with this kind of stuff. I always feel like I am being so mean trying to get people to send me the things that I have all ready paid for. I really shouldn’t have to do that.

After dinner Dominica and I really just did our own things. She is listening to the sequel to Eragon, Eldest on her new Creative MuVo Mix MP3 player that I managed to get working for her yesterday. She loves the new player. Even though it was really cheap compared to the iRiver that she had been using this one works better and can handle the books better. It is able to hold a ton of books on it at once because the compression scheme that they use is so efficient. She just sat in her moon chair in the back of the upstairs office and listened to her book and knit a sweater for Oreo. I did some work and then decided that I wanted to relax and so I played a one player round of AoE2. Oreo just slept next to me on his pillow as he does.

Dominica decided that she gets too nervous doing the podcast and she doesn’t really want to do it anymore which is too bad 🙁 We were having fun doing the show. I think that her schedule really hurt her desire to work on it because she was always so exhausted whenever we had to do a show that it made it a real burden instead of something that was really fun to do. So I will mostly just be doing the show on my own now, again. I did a bunch of listening to new music tonight auditioning stuff for the show. I found tons of good stuff and some good holiday music is starting to appear as well. I think that the music segment really adds a lot to the show.

The Firefox 1.5 web browser released today so everyone needs to get out there and get their copy so that they can have the latest and best web experience possible. Don’t wait. Get it now. Go on.

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