SGL Podcast Episode 21: The D Word

SGL Podcast Episode 21 – MP3
SGL Podcast Episode 21 – Ogg Vorbis

Podomatic can’t seem to be able to handle playing our new stereo format through their web based flash player. If you hear us sounding like the chipmunks, let us know. We have test everything and everything sounds fine as long as you download the MP3 files either from the website here or through a podcatcher like Juice.

Had some microphone issues tonight but we got through it. Actually we didn’t know until we were checking the show so the sound is not the best tonight.

Scott and Dominica’s for show without mentioning the D-word! Check it out. See how they adapt. This is the first 64 Kb/s show in stereo to allow for higher quality music in the show.

[Ed. – We lost the original datestamp on this show as it came from “offsite” and so had to estimate at November 14th to correct the order of the shows appearance.]

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