SGL Podcast Episode 60: Disney Trip 2008

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In this episode, Scott talks about Scott and Dominica’s four day trip to Walt Disney World in Florida where they stayed at the Wilderness Lodge. Follow along as he tells about their trip. Highlights include eating at Artist’s Point, the Hollywood Brown Derby, San Angel Inn and Roarin’ Forks Canyon; Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor and Toy Story Mania. Their trip was from May 31st – June 3rd, 2008.

For this episode we are also trying out for the first time the OurMedia based Flash player built right in to the site so that you can listen to the show without downloading it.  So far we are pretty happy with it.  Let us know if you have any problems.  RSS enclosures are, of course, still available as are all of the media links.

Music provided by the Podsafe Music Network.

The Night Tales Of A Fairy by Fumitaka Anzai


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SGL Podcast Episode 59: Northern Ireland

Download the SGL Podcast Episode 59 in MP3 Format.

Scott and Dominica continue their trip in the United Kingdom by flying to Belfast, Northern Ireland. This is just Scott doing a recap six months after the trip.

Unfortunately due to severe time constraints this show is going out raw – no editing, no cleanup. You get to hear me in all my unfiltered glory for twelve minutes doing a really quick recap of our time in Belfast. The show really doesn’t do the trip justice as we had such a wonderful time but we had to get the show out and posted before leaving for Disney.

Sorry, no music in this show.

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SGL Podcast Episode 57: Leaving for the UK

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This is the final episode before Scott and Dominica head out to London. It is a short show covering an overview of the trip including our UK itinerary.

Music in this episode from:

Aaron – Last Goodbye
Ken Campbell – Lady O

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SGL Podcast Episode 56: Back from Hiatus

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After several months of silence the SGL Podcast is back on the air. Today’s podcast is relatively short as I discuss the break between episodes, the missing second day at Disney with Dominica, the Newark Renaissance including the new Prudential Center. We also discuss the Apple iPod and Amazon’s new MP3 download service. I also get to make a new travel announcement. Tune in and find out what is happening next at SGL.

On today’s episode we play the follow artists from the Podsafe Music Network:

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