December 23, 2005

My original plan for today was to go down to Ithaca and spend the day down there. Working last night and needing to get a full night’s sleep kept me from leaving as early as I had planned on. Then it appears that I messed up my schedule some, which you can’t entirely blame me for since my electronic calendar was erased through some equipment failure, and there wasn’t really something in Ithaca that I had meant to go down there for. It worked out for the best though because I have plenty of work that I really need to get to that I have to do here in Geneseo. There is always so much work to get done, isn’t there?

I did some cleaning this morning because the Ralstons were stopping by around noonish. The house is a total disaster between us having been too busy to get a lot of cleaning done, the Christmas wrapping mess and the computers being worked on in the living room.

The Ralstons came over and we hung out for about an hour or so. No one had eaten lunch so they couldn’t stay too long. I called dad to see if he wanted to get something to eat but he is still sick from yesterday with a fever. So it is probably best that I am not going to Ithaca today and that way he isn’t stuck taking care of Oreo when he doesn’t feel very well.

It is really warm out today. So warm that it is raining! After the last several weeks of incredibly cold weather it looks like we are most likely going to have a green Christmas. At least that makes the driving a lot more safe. Dominica and I have to drive out to Frankfort separately this year so we have a lot of driving to do this weekend.

Jeremy deleted his blog “ItSmeOriSit” a few days ago so anyone who has been reading that site or who has been subscribed through a feed and is wondering where the new updates are: there aren’t any. He had about seventy five posts before deleting the blog.

I got a lot of the archives moved over today. I am hoping that I can roughly keep up a pace of about one month worth of archives per day that I am at home working. At that rate it will only take a month or so to have the entire old site moved over.

I got another computer ready for Castile today. It is just a Pentium III 500 but it isn’t too bad for what they use them for. Dominica will be extremely happy that I got one of the computers taken care of so that I can move it out of the living room. The computers have been all over the living room for the last couple of weeks.

In addition to getting that one computer together and out of the living room I also did a bit of cleaning around the house. It isn’t a huge amount but the house does look better and Dominica will be happy.

I drove up to Rochester at 8:00 to meet Joe, Nate, Zach, Susan, et al at Nick Tahou’s. I decided to try Tahou’s Grilled Cheese plate that I had never noticed before and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was really delicious. I am very happy to have a new menu item to choose there other than the fried egg plate that I have been getting for the past few years.

While we were eating at Tahou’s Dominica called to say that she had been let out of work an hour early and that she was heading home so that she could get to bed and catch up on some sleep. Her Friday into Saturday is always tough because her evening is an hour shorter than on her other work nights. Plus she wanted to get home so that Oreo would be alone as little as possible.

During my drive up to Rochester and back down to Geneseo I continued to listen to “S is for Silence”. I made it down to almost the end of the last CD as I pulled into Geneseo so I brought the CDs into the house and listened to the wrap up while I worked on SGL. Dominica will be listening to it on the drive to Frankfort tomorrow night.

It was about 2:30 in the morning before I actually managed to get off to bed.

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