December 24, 2005: Christmas Eve

Nothing like the holidays to cause me to fall behind on the updates. But here we go with catching up.

Dominica had to work today. The unfortunate thing is that she had to go into work extra early because of the holiday. She had to head in for 8:00 but she was done by 3:00 and got the entire afternoon and evening free to do Christmas stuff. We had some last minute needs at Walmart so we ended up taking a quick trip over there to do our final shopping.

We went to church at Leicester Union Presbyterian tonight. It has become our usual stop for the Christmas Eve service. We have been going there regularly for several years now. That is where my father’s family goes. Dad went to church but left before we got there because he is still suffering from food poisoning. At least we think that it is food poisoning. He thought that he was feeling better but once he left the house he started to feel really sick again and decided that he couldn’t stay out.

After the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service we went over to the Richardsons’ to celebrate Christmas. The pastor and his wife from Union were there as well. Dad didn’t manage to come over because he was still feeling sick. We hung out down there for several hours and exchanged gifts before driving up to Peoria to see dad.

We stayed at dad’s house for about an hour and exchanged gifts there as well. He needed to get back to sleep and we needed to get onto the road so we couldn’t stay for very long. We had taken Oreo along with us all evening so he was having a good time visiting with everyone.

We went back to Geneseo and got the car packed and ready to go. We had gotten most of everything packed earlier but hadn’t put the last few things in and wanted to change our clothes before driving for several hours.

It was after 11:00 when we finally got the chance to leave Geneseo. We took Janet Evanovich’s “Visions of Sugar Plums” to listen to in the car. We didn’t quite get a chance to finish the book but so far it’s awful. It is part of the Stephanie Plum series that we have, so far, enjoyed but I really hope that this is not an indication of the future of the series. Dominica has read the first five books and I have read the first four. This one comes approximately between the sixth and the seventh in the series. I hope that it is just bad because it is a poor attempt at being a holiday novel. The book doesn’t read like Janet’s other books. I think that she may have used an intern to write the book and just used her characters. Hopefully, anyway.

We arrived in Frankfort around 2:00 am and pretty much went straight to bed. We were really tired.

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