December 29, 2005

Dominica went off to work and I went down to Castile to do some work at the school. On the way out of Geneseo I stopped into the cell phone store to see what mobile models they offered that Dominica would have to choose from. Then I drove over to Leicester and picked up Jeremy and the two of us went down to Castile to work at CCA.

Yesterday I got an email from CCA letting me know that Washington Bible College had donated a bunch of equipment to the school but they didn’t know yet what all they had received. So Jeremy and I were going down to get a good idea of what we had to work with.

It turns out that we got a dozen computers donated that are all in the approximate range of the machines that we are currently using which is going to help us immensley at the school. We have plenty of machines to completely stock the computer lab with, we hope, at least Pentium III machines which will make a huge difference for kids taking compute classes and enough other machines that we might even be able to have at least one computer in each classroom. Currently only the kindergarten classroom has a computer. There were about twenty monitors which were all checked out before they were shipped to us too. A box of mice. A nice commercial deskjet colour printer with a duplexer addition and an awesome HP LaserJet 5 laser printer that could massively help us to control our printing costs. It is a really generous donation and it is really going to help a lot.

While we were there we managed to get four more computers ready for school to start on Monday. New carpetting was being laid in the reception area while we were there which will be nice as well. While we were down there Jeremy and I got some lunch from Lorraine’s Place in Castile. Their country fried fish sandwich is awesome.

I had to get Jeremy home by 3:00 so that he could go with his family to get some dinner at the Olive Garden in Henrietta before they all went to see King Kong. I was home for about an hour when Eric called to let me know that he and Amanda and Julia were going over to Denny’s just down the street. So I went over there and had some coffee with them while they ate their dinner. I haven’t had a chance to really see them in weeks.

I was only home for about an hour before dad came over to pick me up so that we could go to the Omega for dinner. We had some work that needed to be taken care of so we had a business dinner.

I spent the evening working in the living room on recovering some digital photos for Francesca. I started working on that last night after having tried quite a bit a month ago or so. It takes a long time for a lot of that software to be able to get anywhere so I kept starting programs and letting them run while I was out of the house to save time. It is taking a really long time to get anywhere with the drives because at one point they were all in the basement with labels on them that said what each of the drives was. There were several of them in the house because we had a rash of hard drive failures over a two week period and drive after drive was shipped here but almost no one actually ended up needing the drives to be looked at. Well, the drives all got moved at one point and not by me and separated from the labels so I was quite surpirsed one day to find all of the drives in a pile and no way to tell which one was which. Well, to keep a long story somewhat short, it is taking a really, really long time to get really good results on the drives because I have to do a really thorough job searching through each one until I have enough data recovered from it to prove which drive it ISN’T! And that can take several hours per drive and at least one of the drives cannot be read by anything which makes it so much worse because we have no way to rule out that drive as being Francesca’s. And to make matters worse it is the one that I am pretty sure is Francesca’s because it is the only one that makes any sense at all to have been in her computer.

Anyway I worked on that project all day and all evening and finally late at night around 11:00 or later I finally discovered a drive that had been separated from the group of dead drives and decided to have a look at it as well and then discovered that I had actually gotten the wrong drive picked out as the one that hers had to be and there were her pictures once I went through the recovery processes. Dominica, of course, told me all along that I had the wrong drive but I was sure that I had the right one so she was right and I was an idiot. Francesca is very happy.

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