December 28, 2005

Wednesday. Well the week is starting to get back to being a little bit more like normal. Min and I got up earlier than usual for a work day and we met dad at the Omega Grill for breakfast. Normally we wouldn’t do that during the week because it is so hard for Dominica to get to work but dad has Min’s new cell phone and we wanted to get that taken care of as soon as we could. We are losing money each day that we don’t get the cell service switched over and at the moment we are carrying two accounts until we can get the old one turned off.

I had what we think was a really bad back spasm this morning. It caught me by surprise while I was standing and I had to lower myself onto the bed. It ended up going on for a really long time. I have no idea what brought it on but it is definitely the worst back pain that I have ever had to deal with as far as I can remember. We are hoping that it was just something muscular and not something to be worried about.

At breakfast we ended up sitting next to the Richardson clan. We run into someone in the family at breakfast at least once a week. Leo, Sharon, Shirley and Jim were all there. So there were seven of us all together. Dominica got her new phone and then had to head off to work pretty quickly.

I found an interesting web site called Housing Maps that takes information about home and apartments and mixes it with Google Maps. It is a pretty cool idea. I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet but it has been getting a lot of press recently from things like the Where 2.0 Conference. Too bad this site doesn’t have any useful information for anything in Upstate NY.

Dominica decided, after using her new cell phone a little bit, that she really wants to get a nicer model. The one that she has right now is the LG VX3300 which is a lower end model than the one that she currently has. The big deal is that it does not have a front display screen which is a bit of a nuisance especially once you have gotten used to having one. So she is going to start looking for a new phone and will take that one back.

I called and had her old cell account shut off today so she is only on the new phone with the Rochester LATA (585) phone number. Call the house or email me if you need the number. Her Pittsburgh number has been turned off although just about no one had that one anyway. The only annoying thing is that I finally memorized her old number in the past few weeks. Oh well.

While I was on the phone with Verizon I got my account changed from the 800 minute plan to the 450 minute plan which is saving us an additional $40 a month. Between the two of us we are saving between fifty and sixty dollars. Boy is that ever nice. I got a new cell phone ordered too. I decided to go with LG’s top of the line VX8100. It comes with all the features including a one week battery life, stereo speakers, MP3 player with dedicated controls, a MiniSD memory card slot, BlueTooth networking, 1.3 MegaPixel camera for still or video pictures and dual full colour displays. I managed to get it for free after rebates so I am pretty happy about that. Verizon offers a couple of phones that are more expensive than that one but none of them really did it for me. LG technically offers one phone that is higher in the chain then that one but it isn’t strictly a phone and is far too large to use for regular telephone functions. It is one of those units that opens sideways into a full keyboard and horizontal (landscape) oriented screen. I should be getting the phone on Tuesday or so. They have to ship it.

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