December 3, 2005

It is a bright and sunny day and so far we still have a hamster. I have been doing some reading online and, as far as I can determine, we are pretty sure that he has had a stroke. His left side is almost completely useless. There is some hope that might be able to recover yet. It is going to be a long, hard road but he might be able to come back from this. But he will definitely never be the same hamster again if he does. I took away his wheel and his “big house” and all his now is the small, warmer apartment piece where he moved to a few days ago. There is nothing in that section for him to climb onto and I think that that is critical in keeping him from hurting himself. It is weird having him in just this tiny little cage. His big cage has been a mainstay in our house ever since we first moved in. Now it is so small and he is just huddled in the corner. It is going to be weird not having him around. We have never really lived in this house without having him there. At the beginning he used to sleep right at the side of the bed next to me. That way he would always know that I was close even when I was just sleeping. For the past few months he has been next to me on the desk and we have spent tons of time together.

I was up at 7:00 this morning and was able to get a lot of work done before my client came over at 9:00. We wrapped up by 11:30 and Andy came over just minutes later. We went to lunch at, you guessed it, the Omega Grill. The waitress said that she hadn’t seen dad yet today. Must be his day off.

Andy didn’t hang out for very long. His parents were expecting him to go up there as well and he had some errands to run too so he had a busy day. So I was back home around 2:00 and had the afternoon to myself.

I called Nate this afternoon and he said that Tammy wasn’t feeling well and he wasn’t sure whether or not he was going to be able to make it out to see the musical tonight. While I was on the phone with him Jocelyn called and said that she wanted to go to the show. So one way or another I am going to the show with somebody, I guess. I told Andy to ask Tony if he would like to go to the show. He sometimes goes to musicals at other schools but he is probably busy. Too busy to hang out with us here in Geneseo. See how he is?

Nate called me back at 5:00 and said that Tammy was too sick for him to come up and leave her home with the kids. Fortunately Jocelyn wanted to go so that we can make use of the ticket that I have being held down at the school.

The was over two hours long. The performance was good but the show itself was awful. First of all I am not a fan of Dr. Seuss in the least. But to make matters worse the show was just a random assortment of Dr. Seuss inside jokes mashed together into one incoherrent jumble with bad musical numbers constantly interrupting any semblance of a plot.

Mary and Jocelyn came over and hung out after the show. I ran over to the hotel and picked Mary up from work when she got off at 11:00. We all hung out until about 2:00 in the morning. We all needed some sleep at that point.

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