SGL Podcast Episode 32: An Epitaph for a Hamster

SGL Podcast Episode 32 – MP3
SGL Podcast Episode 32 – Ogg Vorbis

Tonight Scott and Dominica announce the passing of their hamster, Mr. Humphries who suffered a stroke two days ago. He was the best hamster that we could possibly have hoped for. He loved us and we loved him. We are incredibly sad to be without him. We will miss him terribly and our lives will be greatly reduced without his companionship.

The video that we link to for our hamster was shot the evening of the SGL Podcast Episode 27. Mr. Humphries’ stroke was very unexpected. We are still in shock.

I would like to dedicate “Christmas Without You” by Beatrice Ericsson to our little friend and to all the family that we have lost in the past two years. We love you all very much.

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