SGL Podcast Episode 37: Christmas Time in Maryland

Podcast Episode 37 MP3
Podcast Episode 37 Ogg Vorbis

It is almost time for bed and we are getting sleepy here in Arnold, Maryland. I wanted to get a quick podcast out to everyone with some Christmas music to get their week started with. I hope that you enjoy. In today’s podcast we are featuring:

Friction Bailey with Silent Night
The New Autonomous Folksingers
with O Holy Night

For those in our audience who are not familiar with Ogg Vorbis, it is a free and higher quality alternative to MP3, AAC, WMF, etc. Ogg Vorbis audio can be played on commercial audio players from fine companies such as iRiver and Samsung and can be played on Windows using the wonderful Zinf player which may be downloaded for free. I highly recommend taking the time to try out our OV podcast options (the generic feed for the show is MP3 because it is the most widely compatible.) For those in our audience looking for the highest quality audio with the shortest download time, OV is THE way to go.

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