January 13, 2006

That’s right folks, it is Friday the 13th. Oreo got me up at 5:30 this morning, yes just four hours of sleep which is only two-thirds of a usual night for me. So, since I was all ready awake I decided that it would be a good opportunity to get some much needed exercise so I walked over to the Omega Grill for my morning breakfast meeting with the electrician that I am working with this week. It was so warm out at 6:00 am with the sun not even attempting to come up yet that I was able to walk all of the way over there in just a fleece and no jacket. I had a baseball cap on and I even took that off because it was so warm.

I ended up staying at breakfast until 9:00. Eric was coming over to use my office this morning so he stopped by the Omega and picked me up so that I wouldn’t have to walk back to the house. Eric came over for about an hour before he had to drive down to Elmira for a little while.

I called the vet to see what we should do about Oreo and his roundworms. Ick. He is still feeling fine as far as I am able to tell. He has been in very good spirits. The vet said that the medine that we regularly give to Oreo should be fine for taking care of his worms so we don’t have to do anything special with him.

For those who don’t always remember, Amazon rocks.

Here is a neat take on RSS feeds: RSS Slide Shows. Slide is a neat kind of RSS feed reader that reads feeds containing images and translates that directly into a slideshow. So you can easy subscribe to tons of peoples RSS image feeds (like mine from Flickr) and automatically have them just scroll along the side of your desktop.

Dad came by at 6:00 to pick me up so that we could go to the meeting in Brighton with Andy and Eric. We got to Andy’s apartment at 6:45 and watched a presentation that he had ready for us for about an hour. After that presentation we all went down to Denny’s on Jefferson Road and got some dinner. Dad had to drive this evening because my car is apparently having electrical problems. I don’t know what is wrong yet but my headlights are not working but they are coming on very dimly so we are thinking that it must be a problem with the battery or the alternator.

Dad dropped off his slide scanner so that I could convert my slide collection into digital so that I can actually get some use out of the tons and tons of images that I have taken over the years. So far I am having a really hard time getting the pictures to come out very well. Dad says that it takes a lot of practice to get it to work well.

Dominica came home and we ran right over to Walmart to do some shopping. We needed some groceries for this new diet because there is almost nothing in the house that we can eat and very little at any restaurants. This diet is most definitely cutting down on our total food cost. While we were there I bought a new cordless drill. An eighteen volt Black and Decker. Nothing special but it is my first power tool (hey, at least I bought my first power tool while I am still in my 20’s.) I need to have it for a project that I am working on this week for Deutsche Telekom and I figured that I would be needing it for the model railroading work that I am doing. When Andy was living here he had a drill in the house and we need to have one for just regular household needs. We also managed to get Clue which is an awesome movie for just five dollars. That is one of the movies that has been high on my “to buy” list for years.

We came home and watched a little Star Trek: The Next Generation before going to bed. I continued to work on the “Railroad Hotel” model that we have been working on for several days. I did a lot of work on it during the day today. I would walk by for one reason or another in the living room where the work table is set up for it and I would glue another piece together and then go do something else while the glue dried. It is a pretty good way to do it. I forgot just how much time even a simple model can take to put together! This is a major undertaking but it is a lot of fun. If you don’t enjoying the modeling aspect of model railroading then you might as well do something else.

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