January 14, 2006: Happy Birthday Tricia

I had to get up early this morning so that I could drive Dominica to work. My car is dead, we think, with electrical problems. I hope to be able to get it into the shop on Monday. If not it is going to be a tough week. The plan is that I will drop her off at work and then when I go to pick her up we are going to go out with Tricia for her birthday up on Alexander Street.

On the way back from dropping Min off at Fuji I swung into Best Buy and picked up a tripod that I need for my cameras. I have been needing one for a while and now that I have the digital camera and even moreso with the camcorder I really need to have something steady to put them onto. I found one that I liked pretty well and headed for home.

It was raining all morning and the temperature had dropped considerably since yesterday’s incredible warm spell. By the time I got back to Geneseo it had started to snow. Dad IM’d me shortly and said that he was cancelling his plans to go see “The Odd Couple” which is being put on at SUNY Geneseo and wasn’t going to be able to watch Oreo tonight while Min and I were out. The weather gets to be a lot worse up at his place than it gets over here.

Dominica and I decided that, because of the weather, we shouldn’t go out tonight up in the city – especially with Oreo getting stuck home alone all night. So I talked to Tricia and the plan is for Min and I to go up to Rochester tomorrow to hang out with her during the day instead of going out tonight.

The Ralstons stopped by to pick up some software today. Art had two new computers (one actually new and one just new to them) arrive this weekend and he has been trying to get them up and running all weekend. He has been having a terrible time with them having all kinds of very difficult to pinpoint problems on both machines. It is things like this that make working on computers not fun.

Jen and Steve Bulkley stopped by this afternoon with their newest addition, Gabrielle, who is ten months old. They also brought over their chihuahua named Bruiser. Bruiser and Oreo had a great time getting to know eat other and then chasing each other through the house as fast as they possibly could. It is a good thing that I had tried to clean the house before Steve and Jen stopped over or there would not have been anyplace for the dogs to have run and they would have hurt themselves or the house. They had such a good time and Oreo was totally exhausted by the time that they left.

I had to drive up to Rochester to pick Min up from work because I had driven her into work this morning. On the way up Oreo and I stopped by at Michael’s in Henrietta and picked up some foam core that we need for the model railroad layout that we are working on. We have been unable to get the size that we actually need so I bought four smaller pieces that I am going to have to put together myself. I foresee many problems with this approach but we didn’t know what else to try.

I picked up Min and then we drove down to Borders because they are open late and I had an item that I have been wanting to get. I found the book that I had been looking for: “PHP and MySQL Visual QuickPro Guide” from Peachpit Press and I also found a couple of other inexpensive and really handy books: “The PHP Phrasebook” and “MySQL Crash Course”. So I was pretty happy.

We got home and Dominica made dinner and we watched up until the final two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Dominica did some model painting and I did a few hours of assembly getting our “Railroad Hotel” put together. Yes we are still working on the very first model that we started about a week ago. It takes a lot of work to get one of these put together well and looking good. I am pretty happy with how it is coming along and I think that it will probably be done, more or less, in a day or two. I am up against a tough part now because there are a few pieces that don’t fit together as they expect you to put them together so I am going to have to improvise a little to make it work.

We went to bed around 2:00 or a little later.

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