January 28, 2006

Okay, so Tom Cruise made an episode of South Park that explains Scientology be taken off of the air, apparently because he doesn’t want people to know anything about Scientology – maybe he is selfish and wants to keep the subway control to himself. So anyway, I am on a mission to make sure that everyone can find out about Scientology from South Park. So everyone needs to link to South Park’s Information on Scientology. By linking to Tom Cruise’s banned South Park episode online we can all band together and show that freak that censoring isn’t effective and that Scientology has to face the fact that no one will take a religion that Tom Cruise joins seriously.

I was totally exhausted from yesterday and slept in a bit today with Oreo after Dominica left for work. My plan was to get tons and tons of work done today that has been hanging over my head but I didn’t end up managing to actually do that. Andy called not all that long after I had gotten up and we decided to get some lunch. He came down and then we went out to Aunt Cookies in downtown Geneseo and got some subs. Yummy toasted subs.

Then we stopped by at the Quality Inn and hung out with Mary for a little while. Niether of us has seen Mary in weeks and we haven’t seen Mary all that much other than that either. So we stayed at the hotel for a couple of hours before heading out to Walmart to do some quick shopping. Andy needed to pick up some “draft dodgers” or “door snakes” as we call them – those things that go in front of a door to keep the cold air from coming underneath. Then we went back to the house to hang for a little while.

Andy had luckily remembered to bring down Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Four because Dominica and I had finished the last two episodes of Season Three just last night. Perfect timing. Andy and I sat around and watched two episodes of Red Dwarf Season Five before he decided that he had to get back up to Rochester.

It was probably around 8:00 by the time that Andy left and Dominica gets out of work at 9:00. So I started doing some cleaning that I wanted to get completed before she got home. She got in and was very excited to be able to watch more Star Trek. We watched a number of episodes and went to bed just after midnight. Dominica wants to get up so that we can go to a Sunday School class down at Union Presbyterian tomorrow morning and we are not used to getting up early on Sundays so we need to get to bed early. Sundays are especially tough for Dominica because they are her first day coming off of work and she gets extra tired on Saturdays because her hours are shifted a little and she doesn’t get enough sleep the night before either.

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