January 29, 2006

Dominica and I managed to pull ourselves out of bed this morning and get ready to go to church down in Leicester. It is really tough getting up on Sunday mornings because of the way that Dominica’s schedule works. But today we got up and managed to get down to Union Prebyterian in Leicester in time for Sunday School so that we could attend the “Come Thirsty” book study that Dominica was interested in.

The church service today had the senior high kids putting on a puppet show with Jeremy and Sara’s friend Sarah (aka Toast) dancing. It was pretty funny. Dad video taped it. Maybe I will managed to get a copy to post 😉 Anything to embarrass Jeremy. It’s good for him. Builds character.

After church dad, Dominica, Uncle Leo, Aunt Sharon and I all went up to the Omega Grill for Sunday lunch. The kids had too many plans to be able to join us. Oh to be young again.

I had a ton of work that needed to get done before Tuesday and I didn’t manage to get any of it done yesterday so this afternoon and evening for me was lots of work. Dominica watched Gilmore Girls in the living room while I worked. I was very productive and managed to get everything completed that I needed to. It turned out to be a really good evening.

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