January 8, 2006

We got started pretty late this morning but it was really nice to have been able to have stayed up a little late last night and then to have slept in this morning. When you have a snuggle puppy like Oreo you work hard to get maximum snuggle time.

Dad came over and we went to lunch at the Omega a little after noon.

Dominica and I got home from lunch and Art had an IM on my computer. So I called over and the Ralstons came over to visit for the afternoon. They hung out until around 5:00. We just sat around in the living room enjoying the fact that there was at least a tiny bit of light going on. It has been so dark for so long. It does start to get a little depressing after a while, even for me. Not too much. But just a little. Variety is nice but the lack of snow this year has been amazing. Unfortunately it was THIS year that we decided to make the big investment in snow tires for Dominica’s car. The first year that we would not have needed them since 2000 (the year that Andy and I were in Pittsburgh and I managed to make it the entire winter without ever actually seeing snow!) It was nice to be able to visit with the Ralstons. We haven’t seen them in several weeks for more than a few minutes. Our schedules have all been tough. Dominica’s new work schedule makes it really hard for us to see them very much.

We wanted a lazy Sunday afternoon so we popped in some more Star Trek: The Next Generation. We are over halfway through the first season. Dominica continued to work on the buildings for the model railroad. There is a lot of work to be done. Many buildings to make and to paint.

I have recently discovered a really cool online link management service called Delicious that allows you to easily store bookmarks in a convenient way while sharing them with people as well. I have decided to use this service as a neat way for my readers to be able to follow along to cool and interesting web sites that I find. You can view the links by simply visiting My Delicious Page or, even cooler yet, you can subscribe to My Delicious Feed via RSS. Obviously many of my links are included here on the SGL blog but this will allow me to easily share many additional links that I may or may not feel the desire to write about. So subscribe or check often for cool web locales to visit.

We ended up watching the rest of the first season of TNG which was about three DVDs worth of the show. It is nice to get an evening to relax. Dominica managed to finish the painting on another model while we were watching the shows. I am not able to work on the train layout yet because we do not yet have the underlying board work for me to begin construction. That is probably best because I have some work that I need to be catching up on before I get too caught up into anything else. There is always something pulling you in every direction, isn’t there?

Before going to bed Dominica wanted to watch a little of Allo, Allo? because neither of us was quite tired enough to go to bed when we had finished TNG. Oreo was definitely ready for bed though. He had been sleeping on my lap for hours before we actually went to bed.

Today was the first full day of my new diet. I did mostly the diet yesterday but we have been intermingling the South Beach Diet (converted to be a little healthier by reducing its reliance on pork products) with eating whatever was going to go bad in the house that we shouldn’t be eating. Fortunately the Ralstons managed to take a lot of the food that we shouldn’t be eating so that we don’t feel bad not eating it ourselves.

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