January 9, 2006: Danielle Turns 30 Today

Happy Birthday to Danielle Ralston who turns old today. Thirty years old, to be exact.

The auto shop called this morning to have us bring in Dominica’s car to get the rear windshield wiper fixed. So we pulled ourselves out of bed after having stayed up late last night watching Star Trek: The Next Generation and drove her car over to the shop. It is really nice having a shop that we can go to that is just around the corner. If we have to we can drop off a car and I can walk home from there. That makes it a whole lot nicer than having to make a major production out of taking a car into the shop.

After dropping off the car we decided to make use of the fact that we were all ready up and about and stopped by the Omega from some breakfast. Funny enough we made it just in time to run into dad and Aunt Sharon as they were leaving. It is times like this that really make you realize just how often we eat there.

We went to Walmart on the way home. We needed to stock up on some groceries and stuff because of the dual diets going on. We have almost no food in the house that we can eat according to the diets so we need to get something so that we can eat. We also found some new fleeces and basic clothing that we wanted. Dominica got a really bright orange fleece. It is really, really bright. Burn your retinas out bright. I like it.

Dad came over at 1:00 and we all went back to the Omega for a late lunch. We had some planning to do about Castile’s computer education curriculum. It is tough trying to decide what to teach and when for an entire K-12 curriculum. There are so many variables and so much to consider. And very little out there to work with that you can work from. It is really a starting from scratch situation. It is extra hard because there hasn’t been any computer education in the past so the variances between students are really dramatic.

This afternoon Dominica worked on taking down the Christmas decorations while I worked in the office. It will be nice to have the space back in the house. I really don’t like decorations of any kind let alone holiday ones. I find them to be weird and very inconvenient.

This evening Dominica and I went up to Caledonia to check out the train store there. We had gotten the impression that it might be a model train store focusing on the needs of train modelers but, once again, we were misled and the store was pretty much just a junk and toy train store. Sure there were a few items of potential interest to modelers… modelers who were stuck in Caledonia with no access to transportation, the Internet, the postal service or a telephone. So we were there for about a total of five minutes before we realized that there was nothing there for us at all. Then it was off to Henrietta.

We stopped by at Andy’s apartment so that we could borrow the next season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Dominica is totally addicted to it now. We hung there for fifteen minutes or so and then the three of us went down to the Denny’s on Jefferson to get some dinner since none of us had yet eaten.

On our way back down to Geneseo, Dominica and I stopped by Walmart in Henrietta to see if they had any additional fleeces in their inventory (which is much larger for clothing than the Geneseo store’s is) that we were not able to find this morning. They had the bright orance fleece that I had been wanting so we purchased one for me and one for dad too.

Then it was back home in time for a couple episodes of TNG.

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