SGL Podcast Episode 40 – BioDiesel, Food Blogging, Music and Mummies

SGL Podcast Episode 40 – Ogg Vorbis
SGL Podcast Episode 40 – MP3

Today Scott tackles the BioDiesel versus Vegetable Oil contraversy or Why People Should Not Use Buzzwords That They Don’t Understand. He talks about mummies in Niagara Falls. Lots of great music. Oh yeah, and blogging for your diet.

Sorry that the show went a little long tonight. There was lots of good music that just had to be played so I took the time and I played it. And a special sorry to Adam Curry for the biodiesel thing 😉

We played a bit of music on today’s show. Check out these Podsafe artists:

Civilians with Let Go
Delphinium Blue with Body of My Lover
Katy Wehr with Minnehaha
SkyKarR with The Beauty of Imperfection
Cybster DJ with BioDiesel (featuring Adam Curry)

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