SGL Podcast Episode 43 – Happy Birthday Ben, Model Train Economics, Lowered Expectations of American Students

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On January 17th, just three days ago, Benjamin Franklin would have celebrated his 300th birthday.

Happy Birthday today to Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon.

In this episode Scott looks at the recent CNN coverage of American college students who fail to have fundamental life skills and yet are graduating from college and univeristy. Scott also talks about the model railroading industry and gives a comparison of the economics and how it is different from the high fidelity audio hobby’s economic model and why model railroading is going to die if they don’t work out a new model quickly.

In this episode we hear:

Amy Ayers with My Place
Berman with No One Understands
Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet with Frag mich nicht, ob ich Dich liebe

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