February 12, 2006

Back in 1994 my friend, Steve Baumbach (from Syracuse who attended GMI with me), managed to get a VHS copy of this really cool video of a guy racing his Ferrari across Paris to meet his wife who was waiting for him by the river. The video was shot by a camera strapped to the front bumper of the car. If I remember correctly the whole thing was done as a bet. Something about this guy with a Ferrari being at a dinner party with a movie producer – you can imagine how it went from there. Anyway the movie was called Rendes-vous and I finally managed to find a copy of it posted on Google Videos. The quality of Google Videos isn’t that hot but at least everyone can now see the video.

We managed to make it to Sunday School again today. That is three weeks in a row. Quite an accomplishment for us. But we have only been travelling about one third the distance that we used to try to go so that helps quite a bit. We went to Sunday School but did not stay for church. Dominica’s back hasn’t been good and she took some ibuprofin before we left the house to try to keep the swelling down but by the end of Sunday School her back was all ready hurting enough that we didn’t feel that we could stay any longer.

So we came home for a little while and snuggled with Oreo. He is still a little sick today. Not has bad as the last two days but you can tell that he is not his usual, fun-loving self.

We had lunch with dad at the Omega. After lunch dad and Dominica did a little shopping at Walmart but I came home and spent some more time with Oreo. Then Dominica went up to Henrietta to do some much needed shopping for a while. I was going to go with her originally but with Oreo not feeling very well we decided that it would be better if I stayed home with him so that he would relax and get some sleep instead of being nervous and making himself worse.

Dominica got back from her shopping and we decided to continue watching Remington Steele. We ordered dinner from the Shang Hai over in the old Ames Plaza (I am sure the plaza has a new name like The Livingston Plaza or something but I have no idea what it is.)

Oreo was definitely not feeling well this evening and we got kind of worried. Throughout the evening he appeared to get worse, not better. By 10:00 we were pretty worried as he paced all over the house wimpering. We decided that we needed to wake up the vet and see if he could see Oreo. We went into the clinic and met with Oreo’s doctor at 10:15. We were there for over an hour. The vet is pretty sure that Oreo just had really bad indigestion and he gave him some medicine and put him on a really strict diet for the next week to see if that makes any difference. We were really relived to find out that that was all that it was. Too bad we had to wake up the vet. He went into the office in his pajamas. But at least we weren’t the only ones – he got another emergency call while we were in the office. They were probably pretty surprised to find him still there.

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