February 13, 2006: For Me to Poop On Again

After all these years Andy decided to really post For Me to Poop On someplace where it is likely to actually get some traffic. If you have never heard it before, be sure to check it out. Even if you have heard it before, go ahead and download it and listen again. Let’s get the traffic numbers up on this little number.

Andy wrote this song back in February of 2000. February 19th, to be exact. He debuted the song out my “moving out” party at Josh and my apartment in Greenleaf Meadows in Greece, New York (a suburb of Rochester.) I was moving out of the apartment to move to Ithaca. Josh was moving out and moving directly next door to a smaller apartment. Andy had no idea what he was going to be doing at all. He had been living with us for the last several months and he had no plans whatsoever. He didn’t actually have to be out of the apartment for about a week so he wasn’t worrying about it yet!

On February 20th we through the moving out party in the empty apartment. This is the party where Andy’s sister Dana West brought their cousin Amanda West who met Eric Millen and they are now The Millens. And to think, it was “For Me To Poop On” that brought them together. Josh had all ready pretty much moved completely out of the house. I moved out the next day. The 19th had been my last day of work at the Wellesley in Brighton and I was free and clear from there on in. Andy was scheduled to be in to work the following day.

On February 21, 2000, I loaded up the moving van that I had rented and prepared for my move down to Ithaca to move in with Nate Parker at his Gaslight Village Apartment just off of Triphammer. Just before I was ready to leave Andy decided that he was going to take the job with the company that I had offered to him a month before and he threw his few possessions into the moving truck and we took off for Ithaca. He used my cell phone to call into work and to tell Esther, who was working the evening shift on the desk, that he was moving out of Rochester and that he wasn’t going to be making his shift that night… or ever. They were all pretty surprised. I was pretty surprised. I think that Andy was pretty surprised.

So that is how Andy and I ended up moving into Nate’s apartment in Ithaca. Bob Winans ended up moving in to that same apartment later that summer when his lease was up in Oneonta. Andy and I were out of Ithaca by March 20th when we went down to Pittsburgh to start our first big project. But I was there a bit over the summer before moving down to Alexandria to move onto another stage of the project. It was a crazy year. I have to say that from the January of 2000 to July of 2001 had to be the craziest time of my life. Everything was changing at such an unbelievable pace. I went through so many jobs, apartments, cities, cars, careers, etc. And by June 9, 2000, I had met my future wife (and had all ready had her mistaken for my wife!)

That was an awful lot of stuff before even starting my day today. It is Monday and that means helping out with dad teaching down in Castile. I got down there about 9:10 just in time for the first class of the day to come in. It was a really good day down at the school. The new lab is really working out. We decided to switch from trying to teach the kids Perl right away and are instead working with almost all of the students getting them to learn LOGO using KTurtle which comes with SUSE Linux. The kids seem to really enjoy using KTurtle. They get quick results and it is interesting to see something graphical happening.

I spent most of the day working on a project at the school to get a working search engine that the school can use because, due to their “white listed” Internet access, using other search engines like Yahoo! or Google are out of the question. So I think that I have come up with a working solution but I have yet to implement it. There is a lot to go wrong yet.

Dad and I got our regular country fried fish sandwich lunch at Lorraine’s. We got take away so that we could eat our lunches in the computer lab. That way we don’t miss an opportunity to have a class come in. We have been very fortunate recently that the kids have been pushing to get into the lab and we have had most of the computers in use all of the time. At least on the days when we are there. It is very encouraging. We have been really concerned that we were going to get the lab up and running and that there wouldn’t be any students coming in to use it at all but that isn’t happening. In fact we are starting to get students looking to do some research on current events. Very nice.

I came home after school and Dominica was out shopping with Oreo. When she got home she said that Oreo was feeling much better than he was yesterday and that, so far, he seemed mostly normal. So we are relived that it is probably nothing more than a very upset tummy. It is tough being a little puppy and wanting to tell your family that something is wrong but having any way to communicate with them. It is very upsetting.

Dominica and I went over to the Omega for dinner. Then we came back home and watched more of the first season of Remington Steele. We went to bed fairly early so that Dominica could get up and get in to class first thing. She and dad are teaching tomorrow and I am staying home with Oreo. We thought that it would be best if we didn’t leave him alone while he wasn’t feeling well because we need to monitor him and make sure that we are missing any symptoms.

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