February 19, 2006

We made it to church early enough for Sunday School yet again. Go team! Having church just ten minutes away is awfully nice. I hate driving all of the way over to Perry on a Sunday morning. Although I am sure that they are missing us over at the Silver Lake Family Restaurant. We haven’t been there in ages now!

Min and I went out to the Omega after Sunday School by ourselves today. Dad is having lunch a little later on with some friends of his so we didn’t want to intrude. We ate quickly and got home to Oreo who, of course, isn’t feeling well and made a mess on the carpet again. This is getting old. His digestive system has been all messed up from being sick and I don’t think that he is doing this maliciously but boy is it hard to tell.

Dad’s friends ended up running into their daughter and her husband and bringing them along to lunch. She and I went to elementary school together – she being in the class below me. She wasn’t someone that I really talked to in school and that was a really long time ago (everyone knows what happens to me this weekend, right?) so it wasn’t like we missed a big opportunity to reminiss about school or anything.

We spent Sunday afternoon just hanging out and relaxing at home. This is a four day weekend at school so dad, Min and I all have tomorrow off from teaching. I continued working on my movie database system this afternoon. Dominica spent most of the day in our bedroom with her laptop watching the second season of Gilmore Girls and studying for her A+ test. Hopefully she will be ready to take that soon.

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