February 20, 2006

No school today so we have the day at home. Dad is coming over to get breakfast with us this morning. Originally he and I had scheduled for 9:00 but Dominica wanted to sleep in since it is her only real day off so we made it more of an early lunch. It was close to 11:00 by the time we actually went over for our breakfast.

Min is on a marathon of Gilmore Girls trying to watch the entire thing in just two days. She didn’t quite make it but she managed to watch a lot of it today. She has been doing some A+ studying while watching the show although I am not convinced that she is getting that much done.

Dominica and I decided to return to the Omega for dinner. They have spanikopita on the menu today and I never pass up the chance to get that. So I am now having it twice today.

Because I ended up writing the dailies so long after the fact I may have the wrong day on this. But I think it was tonight that Dominica and I watch Zathura.

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