SGL Podcast Episode 45 – High Definition Television

Sheep Guarding Llama Podcast Episode 45 – MP3
Sheep Guarding Llama Podcast Episode 45 – Og Vorbis

Okay, this particular episode is really bad. I was both tired and distracted and had to take a really long break in the middle of recording the show and completely lost my train of thought. But at least it is pretty short and there is some really good music to make up for it.

My dad just bought a new 37″ 1080p High Definition HDTV and I talked a little about hi-def television and sources like Microsoft’s WDVHD which is looking pretty hot. I can’t wait to start seeing stuff come out on really high quality Xvid!

Check out this episode’s artists:

Beatrice Ericsson with I Walked Away
The Lascivious Biddies with Famous
Greg Tannen with Mary

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